Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pardon the Ash... Again

After the last tweaking, Fuu and I decided that we weren't exactly satisfied with the "in-house" blogger templates, so she went out to find some other ones. What you see here is a result of that search. However, I neglected to tell her some of the finer points of template swapping and so we have a lot of work yet to do on this template.

Don't worry, we definitely saved the old one, we just like the new one better... even half finished. We'll get this one filled with all the stuff we had previously plus a few nice little touches. One of the things I'm going to work on is an "About Us" page which is the "Coming Soon" link right now. Not done yet.

The blogroll will be back. Posting will resume tomorrow. Today work will be done (at work, teehee).

In any case. Hope you like the new "Rain of Fire" theme. Granted, I'm usually more of the shadowy type... but who doesn't like to rain fire down on their enemies. TBH, it's really my favorite spell in the game, maybe second only to seed. Plus, my Aion travels have me controlling the elements and shadow is not an element in that game. Thus, it is the fire spells that satisfy my warlocky thirst.

So, I'm not going destro. I'm just embracing my inner fire. And isn't fire the ultimate way to kill something slowly? I mean, why else would hell be made out of it?


  1. I'm really digging this layout. It wasn't as easy on the eyes the first time but this one definitely stands out from other blogs.


  2. Thanks Abi!

    The more that we tweek it, the more I like it. The only problem we are having now is we keep finding more widgets that we like.

    On a side note, I'm learning HTML Coding.

    I R NERD!

  3. Yeah, the "easy on the eye" part is something we're working on still. Going outside the default means that we have to delve a lot deeper into the messy code in order to make this thing sing and dance. It's just more time consuming, but probably better for the time consumed.

  4. I'm sure the finished product will be totally worth it in the end, though, right?

    The background color makes the gray and white font stick out just right. Not so much that I'm squinting while I read it, but perfect enough that I could read a wall of text post and leave with the same vision I had before lol.

  5. that's wonderful! I was being a stickler regarding the text color just because of that.

    Why write if no one can bear to read amirite?

  6. Whew... I think we're done for now. The about us is under construction still, though I did get our contact info up... web design is such a PITA that I'd been putting off for too long. Totally worth it when you get to the end though. XD

    If anyone gets this far and has questions about how we did some of this shit, feel free to ask. We did a lot of just random trial and error plus a lot of google searching. The answers we came up with I'm sure would make good blog posts, plus it might save you some headache!