Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Divine Sacrifice/Guardian: What spec is this for?

I've been really getting some good playing time in with Fuubaar lately on the higher end content. She's been receiving upgrades like crazy and bosses are slowly dropping easier & easier as the weeks roll by.

Last night, 9 other people & I decided to run in and make a mess of things in 10-man TotC. It was a freakin BLAST! We took down the Northrend Beasts after a minor glitch when the fire on the floor decided to run rampant and sit under the boss the whole time. It then proceeded to flare up all over the place during the Worm fight. We ended up wiping because of it. After that, no biggy. Heck, I even took an Enraged Yeti to the face after an unfortunate Mage incident and lived. Go Go healers go!

We dropped the Faction Champs & freaked out because we've only successfully defeated this once. It was funny because we slowly took them out at the end with two tanks & one healer left. We then proceeded to two shot the Twins and got our first taste of Anub. The night was perfect!

Ok, rewind *presses rewind on the tape recorder*

Before the Faction Champions one of the healers asked me if I had Divine Sacrifice. Ummm, that sounds familiar... how do I know that? Well, every paladin spell has the word Divine Righteous Sacrifice Protection combination in it so that's probably why. I flipped through my spell book & through my Protection pages. Nope, nothing. Why don't I have a spell?

Then it hit me like a brick wall. NA DOY! It's that new talent thing in my Protection Tree. HA! I remember that. If you are unfamiliar with these newer talents in the Protection Paladin tree, more or less, it's a raid wide shield wall which concentrates the damage to the paladin. When it first presented itself to me in some recent patch, I specced into it to try it out. The first time I used it was on a really nasty Raid damage fight which I figured it would be the most useful. I think I was Main Tanking so I popped my Divine Protection (the 50% wall) and threw that on. You know what happened? HELL YES I DIED! I died so fast that the healers probably just went WTF?! Is this tank naked?

"Fuu put your plate back on!"

Once I left the raid that night, I went to a trainer & respecced to spend my precious talents elsewhere. I looked at those & laughed. What Main Tank would EVER spec into those let alone use them?!

This got me to thinking of who would actually use this talent. Someone with the ability to use the 100% Damage reduction and Divine Sacrifice at the same. This rules out the Main Tank because if you pop the 100% reduction, you lose ALL threat and the boss runs & eats everyone. Maybe the Off tank? Nope, Same Problem. If the Off-tank is you know... tanking something lol. What about a Retribution Paladin? Nah, this would only hinder their ability to DPS. This leaves our Trusty Holy Paladins left. This makes the most sense because they now have the control to mitigate a TON of Raid wide damage and they know when to use it best out of anyone with in the raid. Wonderful Deduction!

The problem that I have here is WHY THE HELL IS IT IN MY DAMN TREE! Seriously?! Why put an ability in a tree that that specific spec cannot physically use?! That's stupid. I know that Paladins are suppose to be a caring & giving type but Damn, I have to give my talent tree up too? Sheesh. Yes, I know that every good Spec dips into other tree for their talents but those talents that you are dipping into are still useful to that tree.

Blizzard has been really making a mess of the Protection tree when they were still deciding on how to deal with Kings. Hell, I felt the same way with Kings in my Talent tree. I use Sanctuary when I'm tanking not Kings but heaven forbid no one specs into it because well, I don't want to think about it really.

You know me & Paladin Buffs.

This post is mostly educational and sort of a rant.

What is your spec & does it have spells in it you know aren't actually made for you? This excludes PvP stuff and talents that you "could" use but just choose not to.

I really want to know what other trees have talents in them that are just big elephants in the room.

Note: That picture has nothing to do with anything other than it's funny. kthxbi

<3 Fuu



    Today's WoM post touches on this for healers:


    Ophelie went into a pretty in-depth explanation of this awhile back, I think she touched on it for both healers AND tanks.


  2. @ Jess

    yeah, I read the WoM one today after I wrote this post. Thought it was funny.

    Regarding Ophelie's personal take on the situation, I still don't feel comfortable taking so much freakin damage when I'm tanking stuff that could kill me alone. If we are tackling content that is new, that's when it would be the most useful for absorbing the raid damage. During that "useful" moment, the healers (mainly my healer) is probably spamming to keep me up. Do you think adding an additional mechinism to ADD damage would really help matters? She states that the Prot can get away with the 50% Shield up and live "if the Healers are on their toes"

    The only viable option that I can see is when I do this, I make a raid wide anouncement hit it with my 50% shield, & have one of the raid healers heal me along with the MT healer.

    I don't know, that just sounds really akward & more of a hastle then it's worth. Think about it, would you rather heal the raid that is taking 10k all at once or freak out as the tanks health falters all over the place?

    What do you healers think?

  3. Uhm... I don't know, really. I get totally confused once you start throwing in the word "Divine" when it comes to pallies. I mean, I guess it depends on how much of the damage can be mitigated - is it affected by armor? Shield Wally things? Why are pallies so damn suicidal? Remember Seal of the Martyr? Yeesh.

    Well anyway... I guess that's why they call it Divine Sacrifice? XD

  4. I think Fuu makes a good point and that it would be something a healy pally could us a lot better than a tank. After all, you're responsible for healing damage anyways right, so it's sort of in your control both ways. Also, think of it like that sparkly from the floor thing that druids do (I'm horrible at healer spell names too). It's more of a group bubble though I guess, except you become the sponge.

    I'd bet it would be good on fights where the boss doesn't hit very hard but there's a whole bunch of raid stuff going on... there have certainly been some of those fights, but I can't remember off the top of my head. In that situation though, the tank could totally use this. It'd just be very situational and, as Fuu pointed out, she could probably spend her points elsewhere for more gain.

  5. Theoretically it would be a sweet spell during Deconstructor's Tantrums or Kolagran's Eye beams of death, or Hodir. I mean, this spell was made for Ulduar but in Ulduar that tank gets spanked.

    It's a Holy Paladin's Spell & that's my story & I'm sticking to it. Get it outta my tree & put something in like.

    Talent: Look at me! I'm better than you :P
    "If you are tanking next to a Warrior or a DK, you take away 10% of their health & 10% of their threat & tack it on to yours making it appear as though the other tanks suck & you are OP"

    'nuff said

  6. Hmm, I'm coming kind of late into the conversation, but anyway. Some clarifications:

    - I wouldn't use DS while main tanking, for the most part. I do sometimes use it while off tanking, in multi phased fights (ie. Icehowl) or in fights where you have to pass the boss back and forth. I have used it with shield wall while MTing Decon during tantrum when our healer makeup made it easier for the healers to focus on me than raid heal.

    - Ret paladins sometimes use it as an "oh shit" button for the raid, generally on hard modes. While, yes, many fights are dps races, sometimes you can prevent a wipe by lowering your dps a bit for a few seconds to pop bubble sac. I haven't checked for myself, but I think all of the ret paladins in my guild are specced for DS.

    Holy paladins would probably be the spec that uses DS the most, but there is room for it in other roles. Also, a lot of the ToGC fights ) are made much easier with DS (I can't imagine Faction Champs without it!). When there's no holy paladin in the raid, then someone else has to use it.

    I think the changes they are making to DS (dissociating it from bubble) are letting other prot and ret paladins use DS under a wider variety of circumstances.

    Hope that answers your question!