Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AI: Trailer Thoughts

Today's going to be a short Aionic post.  First of all, there's a new trailer out on YouTube here.  Totally worth a watch, even if just for the fun of the cinematic. Some things to remember: It's a trailer that advertises the ideas that NCSoft has for the direction of the game.  We've seen similar things with WoW and other games.  It doesn't mean it'll all come to fruition.  However, a lot of the stuff is pretty neat looking and if just one or two ideas make it to the game, they'd be good adds.  Also, recall that good MMOs take a lot of time to create.  WoW was fraught with problems upon its inception, and now it's arguably one of the most polished and deep games on the market (duh).  That didn't happen over night.  In fact, I would say they're still learning new things today and we're 5 years into the game.

In any case, Fuu and I are still enjoying our time in-game.  I've stated before that we're moving very slowly due to WoW, Assassin's Creed 2, Thanksgiving, and various other important things that get in the way.  I don't think slow is a bad thing.  We still play at least once a week and, when we do, it's fun.  Being "behind" is sort of a double edged blade.  On one hand, you're not on that "cusp" of newness where everyone hasn't been there before.  On the other hand, everywhere you go is populated and active.  In fact, I'm not sure that we're all that far behind a vast majority of the game's populace.  I wonder if where you're at with respect to everyone else has an impact on your in-game satisfaction.  Maybe patience pays off in the MMO world?   

Well, to wrap up this short update: a pic.  Fuu and I were trolling around the Abyss picking fights when we got the message that the Dredgion showed up and it scared the bejebus out of us.  Luckily it was all the way on the other side of the map, great visual though...

Only a Shadow of Death

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