Monday, November 2, 2009

We're, Like, Puke Cute

Here's a fun Monday post. The story behind it is that Fuu and I were shooting emails back and forth while at work with the aim of trying to find a new description for this blog. You see, I've branched out a bit in the year or so that I've been writing on here, as any good blogger tends to do. Thus, "Locks of Affliction: A WoW Blog" didn't really completely fit anymore. Plus, while we were working on a face-lift for the blog (which may or may not be done, we're still debating if we want to go to an external template... we'd been only using and modifying the default blogger ones), we figured we may as well get a new description line in there.

You'll see below the suggestions, as well as some of our comments as we discussed these. You'll also see it degenerates quickly into... well... you decide.

- Killing’em Slowly: A Couples Adventure Through the World of MMOs

- "Coupled Virtual Catharsis"

Fuu: that just makes us sound like we’re always upset with each other lol

Me: *shrug* if the shoe fits...

- "Quality Together Time Via MMO's and Death"

Fuu: I would change that to "Spending Quality Time Together Via MMOs and Death"

Me(w/*snark*): How about "Living the Fantasy Life Together"

- or "Couple's Catharsis: Gaming and Dead Critters"

- or "Shit happens when you play with fire"

- or maybe just "Playing With Fire"

- or "Co-dependency in Gaming: A Case Study"

- or "She Stabs Things and I Burn Them"

- or "Who Needs Date Nights When We Have MMOs"

- or "Massively Married Online (and IRL)"

- or "Throwing babies into pits of sporks since 1984"

Fuu: lol... yeah i like that last one.

So... yeah... we need to order some more sporks.


  1. You should call it the Lothar Swingers Club. After all, this is the sort of conversation that led to the creation of our guild name, ;)

  2. OMG Jess! You have time to read other people's blogs?

    Yours has BLOWN UP!

    Get back to work!

  3. I like... "Co-dependency in Gaming: A Case Study" but then all of them are so funny.

  4. "A Couple That Slays Together Stays Together"?

  5. Oh, that's good too, but I'm pretty sure the spork is the evilest utensil out there. It's hard to beat that.