Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AI: Veteran Rewards Program

Work is really killing me right now. It's like, I'm either really bored or totally over stressed. I can never just have a consistent stream of work; it's always waves. LF New Job?

In any case, I wanted to put something up that other Aionites might find helpful. Aion Life is a pretty nice resource site that I follow on my reader because they have some good articles from time to time in addition to gobs of information. They've just recently put up a gathering database and published a nice article about the various dyes available in the game.

However, the particular item I wanted to highlight can be found here.

Like me, perhaps you've heard mention of this "Veteran Rewards Program" that NC Soft has initiated for Aion. Now, I've never really heard of rewarding long time players in an MMO except for perhaps when WoW gives us a random vanity pet on their anniversary. Still, this doesn't really account for personal time played. I have to say, I'm rather fond of the idea.

The linked article really breaks it down and lays it out well, so I won't completely rehash it, but in case the link doesn't work for you, here's the skinny. Basically, every month that you have an active account on Aion will find you eligible for certain rewards. These rewards are redeemed in exactly the same way that the rewards from the Collector's Edition were redeemed. Your eligibility will show up on your account on NC Soft's website after you've reached the required amount of active time. So, simply log into your account, check if you have items available, then apply them to each of your characters (you can apply them the same way you could the CE items).

All in all, it's a pretty neat and simple system. You're paying a monthly fee and you're getting a nice little bonus for doing so. It's nothing big. Most of the rewards are self-rez stones and/or lodas (exp) amulets. However, a few of the months are tagged for neater things like the level 40 wings or a cube expansion ticket. Now, NC Soft reserves the right to change or remove this practice at any time, but they're going to at least give it a try.

It's good because the items are useful without being game-breaking, IMO. That is, a few extra self-rezzes or an exp boost is nice, but it hardly gives you an unfair advantage from where I'm sitting. And who doesn't like to be rewarded for being a loyal customer (even if true loyalty has really yet to be tested)?

Just another clever trick that NC Soft is pulling out of their sleeve to make Aion attractive. Not saying it's a reason to play or not play, as all MMOs are not for everyone (even WoW), but it certainly doesn't hurt. Also, you can kind of think of it this way: if you've stuck with a game for a while, you've probably put up with some shit along the way. This is a way to sort of pay you back for putting up with it. Some may say that sounds bad, but in any MMO (even WoW), there is a certain amount of shit to put up with. Some more than others, but all have it. And, again, it's just nice to get freebies.


  1. You don't like waiting 5 years for a Penguin?


  2. lol, who said that? *looks around innocently*

  3. I think once you invest enough money in Blizzard's paid services (name changes, sex changes, etc.) you should get a title.

    Stockholder Abigore has a nice ring to it. Gullible Sammich does too. Oh, the choices!