Friday, November 6, 2009

Monopolizing The Adventures

The magical backpack falls to the floor of the house with a clatter, a helm and several other pieces of plate armor spilling out and clanking loudly against each other.  Decedereful leans heavily against the counter top and struggles to catch her breath.  Then she remembers: hey, I don't need to breatheI'm a death knight.

Straightening up, she surveys the room, meeting the eyes of each inhabitant as if daring them to make a comment.  Fulguralis looks up from where he and Fuubaar had been playing what appears to be an intense game of monopoly with several of his minions.  Hotels and houses dot the board, evidencing that they've been at it for quite a while, which made sense now that she'd been getting the lion's share of the raiding.  She knew it burned her brother up that he wasn't able to get any further into Ulduar, but his group had stalled, giving her the opportunity to try her luck at some of the other, older hot spots around Azeroth. 

Midnight the Succubus and Berry Blue the Voidwalker sit cat-a-corner from each other on one side of the board while the happily married couple round out the foursome.  Perched on a nearby counter is Sparkie, the Felhunter, apparently observing the scene from a higher vantage point.  Spaz can be heard in the background running repeatedly into the closed door to the cellar.

Except for the periodic thumping made by the Imp, the room has grown still with Decedereful's entrance and all eyes are now trained on her.  If death knights could blush, this one might have done so as she casually leans down to scoop her equipment back into her bag, rattling it around some more in the process.  With a heavy sigh, she lifts it and stows it on the shelves that stand near the front door of the large home.

Fulguralis is the first to speak.  "So how did it go?" he asks.

"Fine, except for having to carry around all this damn gear..." Decedereful trails off, looking sheepishly towards the paladin.  A raiding newbie such as herself obviously shouldn't complain in the presence of a seasoned veteran such as Fuubaar.  After all, hadn't the helpful servant of the Light warned her about this very thing?  Besides, Decedereful suspected the paladin was a bit sore about the raiding subject too since she hadn't seen much action lately either. 

"Yeah, it's a pain in the ass isn't it?" Fuubaar points out rhetorically, taking a swig of the ale sitting next to her and once again surprising Decedereful with the use of profanity.  A creature of the Light shouldn't curse, right?  Or drink?  Only corrupted undead creatures such as herself should take such liberties.  Still, who is she to question the legendary Fuubaar?

As Decederful stands lamely in the doorway, contemplating the comparitive behaviors or paladins and death knights, play resumes in the monopoly game.  Fuubaar is apparently playing the sack of money, while Midnight and Berry Blue are playing the racecar and top hat respectively.  The remaining piece seems strange to Decedereful as she stands at a distance; it appears to be glowing.

After removing her boots, she nods at Dusty, her ghoul, indicating that he may go over and join Sparkie near the counter.  The ghoul shuffles excitedly over and begins mumbling to to felhunter.  As she watches, Sparkie noses his way into a cabinet and reemerges with a bowl of mage brains clamped triumphantly in his jaws.  Shaking her head, Decedereful saunters towards the game in progress and leans over her brother's shoulder.  Glancing down, she gets a better view of his strange game piece as he moves it.  It becomes obvious to her immediately that Fulguralis has modified the piece with enchantments.

Realizing what the miniature is, she puts her hand over her mouth to stifle a gigle as her brother glances up at her with a raised eyebrow.

Fuubaar rolls her eyes, "Yeah, it's the wheelbarrow. He's so clever."

Decedereful can't help it now and she laughs, "But he filled it with burning corpses!"

"Ah, ha," Fulguralis corrects, holding up a finger.  "Burning corpses stabbed with sporks, the evilest of all utensils."

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