Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Generations

On Tuesday, our guild turned 5.  Yep, that's right, the guild has been there since a couple days after WoW began.  That's a long time for a guild.  Fuu and I joined up almost two years ago, and in the last two years alone there have been a metric ton of changes.  We've also seen our fair share of drama, but the guild has endured, thanks mostly to our fantastic guild leader who amazes us with her inner strength in the face of adversity each day (she's there for us while also being there for her child with Leukemia, amazing story, but not really mine to tell).  So thanks go to Kianna and all the other Gens out there who have made our game possible.

We did a short little run from Goldshire to Ratchet via Booty Bay and then got a pic on the surrounding hillside.  To finish things off, our GM had a vendetta against one Scout Manslayer.  She wouldn't tell us why, but we suspect a fishing trip gone bad.  In any case, we exacted our revenge. 

A Dish Best Served Cold, Unlike Turkey

And to everyone else out there: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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