Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two for Thursday

You get another post today. This one is just a quick shout out, though. Promise. Generally, I try to space stuff out, but there's just a lot going on.  So many games!

I wanted to point to the latest SWTOR beta patch notes over at The Stoppable Force.  Stop's a great blogger and I'm glad to see he'll be writing about Star Wars.  He was one of my favorite WoW bloggers back in the day before he went on hiatus.  Anyway, he published the notes in their entirety, so all you midi-chlorians out there might want to go check 'em out.  I know I did.


  1. Awesome. I need some SWTOR blogs. I thought I was going to experience SWTOR the same way I experienced DCUO. I'd play it during the beta and get a little bit of play for free rather than paying for it when it came out.

    But it didn't happen that way. I was seduced by the story side of the Force. The storytelling was compelling enough that I've preordered it now and want some blogs to catch up with. Most of my way through the Lore entries at so far.

  2. Yeah, I've been subsisting on the general gamer blogs that I follow, the coverage they provide. I'm following another SWTOR specific blog here ( from a nice guy who commented on my last SWTOR post. So far I'm liking what he's doing and have in my SWTOR folder in my reader. I'm sure I'll be passing more along in the future.

    I was willing to take a chance on a preorder, being a long time SW fanboy, but I'm glad I did.

  3. Our guild's raid group 2 went to the new DS raid last night. We 2 shot Morchok and got Yor'sahj down to 20%. It was a truncated run as it was thrown together late. Raid2 is the undergeared group that hasn't cleared Firelands yet. My resto-druid alt subbed in for an unavailable healer.
    Raid1, which is 2/7 FL hard mode, goes Sunday, and has my main it it. I'm reading on MMO-champ that groups are 8/8 in here already. That reminds me of the Coliseum raid in Wrath which our guild cleared on the second try.
    If so then I see a QQ firestorm on the horizon.

  4. Hmm, well. I don't have all my eggs in one basket anymore :-D.

  5. It ain't that hard but it ain't that easy. 3/8 of DS normal mode now.
    From the vent chat with the guildies I'm thinking the LFR version of DS is a lot easier than the normal version. Considering my extreme dislike of pugs I may never know unless we do something like 9 guildies and 1 pugger.

    Also, the number of BOE purples from the new 5 mans is astonishingly high.

  6. I'll probably be giving these a try sometime this week, so I'll try to report what I think. Thanks for the early report!

  7. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! I'm planning a breakdown of class builds now; first up, Imperial Agent - Sniper (my class of choice). Again, thanks for the shout.

  8. No problem. I'll be lurking. :-)

    I'm going for a Jedi Shadow when the game drops, just for the curious. I'll probably roll a smuggler too. (Obviously we're going Rep).