Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Monday Update

This is, effectively, the last work week of the year for me. I still have to come in next week for a couple days, but everyone will be gone so it'll be pretty dull. The flipside is that everyone wants everything done this week, before they leave. Makes sense, right?

Being a peon, all I can say is: "Yesh, mi'lord." and "Right away, mi'lord." And if you click on me, several versions of "Wut is it?" until maybe I get pissed and let loose with a special line before going back to the same "Yesh" routine.  Oh, you want me to take lumber to the lumber mill? THEN BUILD IT CLOSER YOU IDIOT.

But I can't say that, I just have to do what the powers-that-be tell me to do.  Also means that this week is going to be a bit busy, so if all of my posts seem sporadic and rushed... well, it's because I'm lugging sacks of gold to and from the ke- oh, now it's a castle.

Gaming-wise, I plan to be busy, too.  Likely, my early-invite to SWTOR will come to be later this week.  It's all very secretive and mysterious, and despite my abundance of medichlorians, always in motion the future is.  Difficult to see my start time must be.

As such, I'm trying to "finish" Skyrim.  I'm sitting at level 44.  The plan is to get to 50 and then finish the MQ.  I've finished all of the guilds, though there are plenty of quests left.  I've not even touched the rebellion (and plan to make peace and save it for a rainy day after the main quest is complete).  There are plenty of daedric artifacts that I've not acquired, and I'm only thane in two holds (Whiterun and Riften).  Thus, I can't really say I'm "finishing" the game.  More like I'm throwing in the towel.  Seriously, Skyrim will suck your life away if you let it.  Almost as bad as an MMO.

I probably would have wrapped up my plans in Skyrim this weekend if it hadn't been for WoW.  For all my complaints about the glossed-over story in the new heroics, they sure are nice to run randomly.  Perfect balance of time-spent and reward-gained, perhaps a little slanted toward the reward end right now (what with all the useful drops).  Ran a few this weekend and, what do you know, it was fun again.  I may get back into the habit, at least until I exhaust the points vendors.

Sadly, I've not been able to try the LFR just yet.  No Dragon Soul raids for me, either.  We're still planning to finish up Rags, and I've just not had nights where I can sit down and raid (apart from the one I've set aside per week).  I suppose that's why I'm happier with the heroics.  I've spent a whole lot of this expansion feeling like I'm a failure at gearing up because, in general, I only get about an hour each night.  Before these new heroics, you couldn't do a lot of useful (for raiding) things in an hour.  Squeezing in a Trollroic was iffy for a while.  I quickly exhausted the usefulness of the out-of-the-Cata-box heroics.  It's nice to have a "quick fix" solution again.

That's all for now.  We'll see how coherent I am later this week.


  1. Skyrin has sucked out my life. I'm 170+ hours into it at level 48 and about 60% done with the MQ. I've found tons of interesting side quests mostly by listening to rumors. I have not started the civil war quests and only finished the companions as for guide.

    To make things worse I have two other character builds that I'm itching and dying to try out. Bottom line is there is lots to do in Skyrim.

  2. We should know the server assignments in a few hours for SWTOR ... as much of a fanboy of Bioware as I am, I gotta be honest and say that I'm not wild about how they rolled this stuff out. Rather secretive when they should be a tad more open. Sitting here, refreshing my inbox isn't necessarily the best solution.

  3. @Goodmongo - I'm definitely in triple digits (I think around 130 last I checked). I could probably play that game for an entire year and not be done, but there comes a point when I need to make room for other things. *sigh* I've played enough of the ES series to know that you're really never done... you just stop sometimes when you've had your fill. From that standpoint, this game was exactly what I expected.

    @Targeter - Yes, I'm a bit irked about it as well. In the grand scheme of things, it'll likely end up not being remembered a year from now, but it does seem a rather, um, unique (?) way of kicking things off.

  4. Server lists for TOR are up! My guild got assigned to Shien (US-WEST RP). The site is currently melting down so I'd advise checking it later. To see your server, check your actual guild page.

  5. Awesome. I'm stuck at work. Got a man on it, though and... apparently we're going to be on Jekk'Jekk Tarr. That's all I know for now, I'm just following the herd.

  6. Update: guild pages are working! GMs should be getting emails now with links to their pages. On those pages are the servers with clickable links to pull up a list of all the guilds on that server. I crunched the numbers for Shien (RP - US EAST) and the Empire currently enjoys a 1.5;1 ratio advantage for preloaded guilds. 50 Republic guilds were preloaded for a total of 745 players; 61 Imperial guilds were preloaded for a total of 1145 players.

  7. I did a LFR on Saturday, it took about 40 mins, if that.

    So it is entirely possible that you could run one in your allotted time.

    Just remember it is a 25 man raid and with it comes massive lag >.<

  8. @Targeter - cool thanks for the update.

    @D&H - Yeah, but is 40 minutes typical, or did you have a good group? LFR is definitely something I mean to try, and I'll be glad if it ends up averaging 1 hour per section.

  9. A few guildies run them on their alts and they said the most they were in one was an hour.

    The groups are pretty "go-go-go"

    Lets just put it this way: We went in with 7 guildies (counting me) and not counting our dps or hps, the top dps was around 11k-15k. We were doing over 20k. At one point our GM was doing over 30k. After like the top 5 dps, it dropped off significantly (it went from like 20k to 13k) and yet we one shot everything and only wiped on a trash pack (totally the fault of the tank, pulled 2 groups instead of 1).

    Not only is the LFR scaled down SO much but with the sheer amount of players in a 25 man raid, it is kind of hard to screw up. You and I are used to 10 man raids where if one person screws up you just might be toast. Not so much in 25 man. We had a bunch of fail in our group but had no issues with killing bosses.

  10. Exactly. I'm mentioning that in my post today.