Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#SWTOR - Last Beta Thoughts

I think I mentioned that I got into the SWTOR beta again this past weekend. It was the last one, and a much smaller sampling, so I was compelled at the very least to drop in. I didn't have a whole lot of time, but I did get to spend a few quality hours and go from level 10 to 12. 

When I created my beta toon, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it.  I've spent gobs of time with character creators before, and SWTOR's isn't revolutionary.  I simply picked the green dude because the Muppet movie was coming out and I wanted to repeat "it's not easy being green" in my head several times.  I found it quite hilarious in my own little world.

Color me surprised, then, when I felt a pang of loss when I considered that the character was being deleted.  I had grown quite fond of the horribly green Luke Skywalker clone (seriously, I did the hair, too).  Furthermore, I felt a bit sad that my sexy smuggler was getting wiped as well, and I'd only played her to level 2.  What the hey-diddle-diddle?  I'm no stranger to character attachment, but so soon?

Spinks touched on it along with some beta notes here:
"My overall impression is that the story emphasis has a much bigger effect on how involved players get with their characters than I first thought."
Exactly!  The voices.  The attitudes.  I just got a little taste and I was sad to see them go.  On the flip side, had I rolled a completely annoying character, I might have been ready to nuke him/her into oblivion.  I assume the lightsaber cuts both ways.

I also found some fair criticism from Gordon at We Fly Spitfires here.  Just trying to be fair and balanced and all that.  The game isn't perfect, and potential players should be aware of what they may or may not be buying into.

Finally, I wanted to give Targeter a proper shout out, since I know how he feels.  It can be hard to face a game launch when you have high expectations, even when you've endeavored to keep them low.  He's struggling with letting his secret (public) love fly.  It's sort of like throwing a really juicy steak to a pack of rabid wolves after you've only had one bite.  You know they're out there, and they're going to tear it to pieces.  Plus, filet is really wasted on the lupine palate, isn't it?  Hopefully there's enough meat to go around and the flavor holds up.

That about rounds up my last beta thoughts. Now comes the hard part: being patient for release.  I even have a single vacation day that I saved all year so I could binge properly on the first day.  (Not that anyone here would scoff at such a practice, but seriously it's the only "me" day I've taken this year.  And we should all get at least one "me" day, shouldn't we?)  Until then, remember that impatience leads to frustration, frustration to fear, fear to anger, anger to the Dark Side.  Isn't that how it goes?


  1. For your readers who deleted their beta client, you can redownload it at I got rid of mine (it had bloated to 37gb) and reinstalled last night. Ran like a dream :D

  2. I should check if mine's bloated. It had the correct file that meant I don't *have* to reinstall, but I didn't check the size.

  3. Gah! They've changed the Early Access date from the 15th to the 13th!

    I am anguished for this ruins my perfect launch day plans.

  4. I'll take the extra days though :-)

  5. Araat/Vinenaro, AVDecember 8, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    I am still all revved up for release, hoping for the earliest early access possible, while realizing I will not be done with finals till the 20th... damnit. Any progress on guild/server you will be playing with? I am currently slotted to play with the Ctrl Alt Del webcomic led guild called Kinetic, but that is just a side plan till I really figure out where I am going :P.

  6. I think we're just making a game-time decision. I'll put it up on my facebook/twitter probably as it happens though, so you'll know right away. The issue is, as I understand it, a couple of our members are interested in being on the same server as another guild... and all guilds will apparently get a server assigned to them at some point (that pre-ordered and registered). I'm not exactly sure how it works, as I'm just following others, but as far as I understand... everyone is in a holding pattern.