Monday, December 19, 2011

The Dealership Service Quest Chain

Since it's Monday and I spent a good chunk of the weekend helping my mother move (gah my back hurts)... here's something that is only vaguely MMO related but will hopefully make your smile.

So I took my car into the dealer last week to repair an oil leak. It was all covered under warranty, so not a huge deal, but a bit of a hassle all the same. No part was more troublesome than the checkout. Let me recount that proceeding for you.

First, I spoke to the man at the service reception desk, the same bloke that had accepted my vehicle into the ranks of to-be-repaired. He explained that I would need to go inside to the cashier's counter. Very quickly, this is the layout of the dealership. Reception area just inside the entryway. To the right, a doorway to the service area. Through that door, you take a U-turn through another adjacent door to get to the cashier's counter. Also, at the top of that "U" is a small building-inside-of-the-building-office-looking-thingy that will come into play in just a bit. The point here, is that all of these areas are damn near in arm's reach of each other... yet separated by big glass windows. You know, so you can see exactly how far you've gone.

At the cashier's counter, I talked a friendly woman, who informed me that Dennis (and only Dennis) had to print me off a different sheet before we could complete any steps of the transaction. Dennis was apparently the receptionist that accepted my car (different from the guy I just spoke to out there; Dennis was on lunch break). I proceeded back to the original reception person and gave him my best "wtf dude, why didn't you tell me I needed Dennis" look, while being as polite as possible in my retelling of the cashier's quest line. He skipped reading the quest text and went straight to paging Dennis.

At that moment, someone who was definitely not Dennis entered the reception area. This Not Dennis took my papers and promised me that he would take care of it. No sooner had that man's heels clicked out of the reception room than Dennis himself entered, almost running into the man. Dennis gave me his best "wtf do you want, I was trying to eat" look. I explained hastily that Not Dennis had supposedly taken care of it. Dennis seemed satisfied, though mildly annoyed, and directed me back to the cashier's counter.

Shortly, the cashier materialized with papers in hand, printed by the mysterious he-who-is-Not-Dennis-but-has-Dennis-like-powers and had me sign something. Check out complete, I figured she'd pass along my keys, but what she really passed on was a token to redeem my keys at a different vendor. If you recall that building within a building, then you might expect that is where I now needed to go. You would be right. It was the service office.

The service office was lightly staffed with four men for the two desks therein. They all looked at me as if I were some sort of Russian Unicorn, and simply stared until I stated my case. I think it went something like: "Um, lady gave me this thingy and told me to get my keys?" With a grunt and a nod, one of the me snatched the token, matched number to number, and handed over the keys. I had almost turned to leave when I thought to ask: "So where is the car?"

"Just go out the door, it's somewhere in the lot out there. First few rows."

As fate would have it, it was in the third row. It took me much pressing of the lock button (for bat-esque echo-location) to find it.

When I was safely aboard my chariot, I reflected. This was, quite frankly, the Worst Quest Ever. The objective was completed within one quest hub, yes, but with much travel between nodes. The token was redeemed, but I still had to go find my reward. There was no gold. No Valor Points. I did not get any rep with any faction. Were I a developer at the offending dealership, I would quite seriously look into revamping that quest chain. Maybe add a cutscene or two, throw some montage music over the top, and save us all the trouble of watching it play out in real time.

Just sayin'...


  1. Hahahahahaha. *picks self up from floor and wipes away tears*

  2. What it needs is a flight point beauty lap. Those were annoying.

  3. They were remodeling... so I'm sure it was planned for hotfix. :-p