Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your Saga Begins

This is why I'm a huge nerd, and totally biased toward Star Wars. All it took is those three words atop an email, and my heart started being faster. I feel that I must point out that I'm not usually all that excited about other games. Even WoW. I mean, we did the midnight release thing and it's loads of fun, but there wasn't a big visceral response.

Maybe that's a bit disingenuous. I did get excited about Cataclysm. And Skyrim. And I'm still excited about AC:Revelations (though I'm waiting until after Christmas to buy it with gift cards and have actual time to play it). It's just that... I'm a sucker for Star Wars. The only reason I didn't play SWG was because I didn't learn about MMOs until it was already completely screwed and everyone said not to play it. Even then, I probably would have liked it just because it had lightsabers. (Even so, I'll refrain from simply gushing on here. That sort of writing can get quite dull.)

The point is that I saw the email and thought: "Oh hell yes my saga begins." Immediately followed by: "Crap, I'm at work."

So yeah, I'll be here... working. An inauspicious start to my saga if you ask me. Yet, patient the Force must be. Or something. We'll roll tonight (on Jekk'Jekk Tar), probably around 5:31PM (takes me a half hour to get home). And then... it's on Sith.

(If you're curious, it seems like nearly every wave or pre-orders has been invited now... or should have been.  The first few days were pretty much stuck in July with the initial spike. Then, it apparently expanded quickly, because we didn't redeem until October (I was preoccupied) and a buddy that just got his in the last wave only redeemed a few weeks ago.  So it looks like they planned it so that everyone gets at LEAST 5 days instead of at most like I'd expected with the initial announcement.  I'm assuming this is why they bumped it up two days.  They probably calculated that they could get everyone in if they started x days before, and went with that. Heck, that was probably the plan all along.  Probably could have been communicated a bit better, but they may have been hedging a bit in case things went wrong. From what I hear, though, it's all smooth.)


  1. Hey man! Let me know when you get on today, name of first toon etc, so we can start playing together! Also, can I get a invite to whatever guild you guys are playing with? My toon's name is Vinenaro(Original eh?) Thanks,

    AV out

  2. Will do. Will post it on facebook too prolly. Loading Fuu's stuff now to get her going, then probably grabbing some food and getting on.