Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#SWTOR - Jedi Shadow Stats

We're going to be Star Wars heavy for a bit. I think that's understandable, but I apologize to the WoW folk around these parts. There's just, well, everything to learn about SWTOR and pretty much nothing new to learn in WoW as an Affliction 'lock. It happens.

There was a helpful comment from Targeter yesterday, and it reminded me of a great primer I read over at The Stoppable Force. Stop does a great job of explaining all the stats, so if you're not a Jedi Shadow, feel free to head over there and extract your own gearing plan.

For Shadow's it's pretty simple early on. I anticipate it getting a bit harder at advanced levels, but at least for levels 1-20, you only need to pay attention to two stats on gear: Willpower and Endurance.

Willpower is your offensive stat. It'll make you hit harder in all facets. Endurance is your defensive stat. It will help you live longer and regen health faster. For the most part, you're just looking for the gear with both of those stats on it (it's pretty standard). For mods you're looking for Resolve mods and Force-wielder hilts (for example). For the most part, this should get you through, but if you come across a trade off directly between Willpower and Endurace, just make a judgement call on how you feel. So far I've given Willpower the edge, but I don't feel super-squishy. If you're dying a lot, think about favoring Endurance.  (Not that items also have an armor rating on them, but this is really a secondary concern. It can also help in a trade-off situation, but I don't think it should be a primary consideration.)

It gets a little trickier when you start trying to gear your companion, Qyzen Fess. Even though he's a melee fighter, he apparently falls under the "trooper" paradigm. I assume this is because, though he fights like a Jedi Knight, he's not a force-wielder. As such, his primary offensive stat is Aim with Endurance still being the primary defensive stat. He can wear heavy armor, so armor rating is a little more useful for him, but still more of a secondary concern. Keep him in heavy armor with his primary stats and you should be in good shape.

I did make Qyzen some Jedi Knight gear through my Synthweaving and had him wearing it for a bit, at least until I found something with his primary stat on it. I figured gear is better than no-gear, even if it had Strength instead of Aim. The Endurance still worked, but otherwise you're not going to be able to craft very much for him, which is a shame.

Now, if I could only get my ship. A'ryatha (Fuu) and I are sitting at level 18... we have to be super-close to getting our ships. From what I've heard, most people are getting them before 20. I'm assuming it happens through the class quest and we just haven't gotten there yet. Maybe tonight...


  1. Yes, I just got my ship last night playing a Jedi Seer. You get it once you finish curing Yuon Par and the Jedi Council sends you out to help other Jedi Masters.

  2. Ships always come at the conclusion of the homeworld class quests (Coruscant and Dromund Kaas). It's definitely a big moment when you get your ship, even though some of the ways you get your ship are a tad ... underwhelming (I'm looking at you, Agent). After the ship, the next stop on the progression bandwagon is speeders at level 25! Make sure you have 40,000 credits for the training and 8,000 credits for the machine (if you don't have a pre-order speeder).

  3. @T/D/WE - I figured as much. So... Close...

    @Tgtr - I have the freebie! Totally worth it :-).

  4. Just a note for your readers; if you're having problems logging on today and it says, "You have no active subscription" then you need to head to, go to My Account, and activate your sub info. That means a credit card, paypal account, or game time code. You won't be charged today, but you need it to keep playing. When you registered your product code they told you needed to do this too, but apparently some folks missed it.

  5. Thanks! Fortunately, I read the fine print :-).

  6. I give to your readers a Targeter original ...

    Jedi roasting on funeral pyres
    Sith Purebloods attacking your holds
    Imperial troops bellowing "Open fire!"
    And planets falling by the droves

    Everybody knows the Republic's doomed and so
    Jedi temples are all set alight
    Sith with their eyes all aglow
    Will slake their bloodlust tonight

    They know that Malgus is on his way
    He's got lots of droids and weapons in his bays
    And every Republic mother will lift her eyes
    To see if Malgus will really burn the sky

    And so you offer up this simple phrase
    To Malgus, we bow to your rule
    Although we've been Republic for all time, we must say
    A very merry Sith-mas to you.