Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Picture Post

The yeah ends today, and I've been pretty much silent all week due to SWTOR binging and having the week off of work. I took the week off from writing, read a couple books, and gamed. It was a much needed vacation.

As a consolation gift, I wanted to do a end of the year picture post today. I had a handful of screenshots saved up that I thought worth sharing... so here we go.

We'll start with the Skyrim shots. I finished the game right before Star Wars dropped, and took a couple pictures to commemorate where I decided my ending would be. I hit level 50, finished all of the various guilds, skipped the revolution (I didn't feel pulled to join either side, and you don't need to finish it for the main quest), and, at the end, crafted myself some dragon gear out of all the bones I'd collected. Here's a look at the final set (with my wife, Aela the Huntress, beside me in the heavy stuff):

I won't spoil the story, but here's a picture I took after finishing the main quest line. Anyone else think they were going to visit the Fortress of Solitude (not the city)? I expected Consuela to answer: "No, Mr. Superman no here. No. No."

On to Star Wars. I tried to pass along a picture of Coruscant earlier in the week, but it got moved or something. So I fixed that with a different picture. No fireworks in it, but still pretty cool.

My Jedi Shadow is sitting at level 31 in cantina right now, celebrating his own new year. Side note - how would you calculate age in the Star Wars Universe? Would it be your home planet, or is there some sort of galactic standard? Talk about jet lag... "Well, when we left it was next year, but we got in this year. I need a nap."

Besides unlocking the Legacy system (which does nothing but grant you a last name right now for all of your toons), I've recently been hanging around Tatooine. Notice the classic dual suns.

I looked around for a T16, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been invented yet. Womp rats, however, are most definitely there. And, yep, they don't look much bigger than 2 meters across.

That's all I've got for now! Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. WoW soooooo needs to update their graphics engine.

    I got my copy of SWTOR and it is just amazing how much better it looks. My short stint in Rift can be pretty much described as, "WoW, only better looking." I'm guessing Blizz is just going to hold off till their 'Titan' MMO for a graphics update.

  2. @TKC, I agree, Blizz has just kept it simple to keep the hardware requirements low. I know even with decent hardware (50fps in town), I lag out when I try to drag the Vuhdu panel around on screen in a 40 man BG.

  3. Yeah, WoW is starting to sag a bit, isn't it? I'm not sure a tummy tuck is in its future either. I would guess that it's pretty difficult from a developer standpoint to overhaul a graphics engine mid-life of an MMO. I would further guess that they'll continue to tweak it where they can, but I'm not sure how much tweaking can simply help an out of date engine. Not that TOR is cutting-edge, mind you, just that you can tell it's somewhat newer.

  4. I figured WoW's best chance for an updated engine was with Cata since they were re-doing the old world. But they didn't. That was a disappointment. So we ended up with something like the Blasted Lands where you can clearly tell where they updated and where they didn't.
    And we are stuck with the same old vanilla character models.

  5. Agreed. They did some updates I think (water being a big one), but it seemed like maybe they should have done more.

    I think I remember reading some Dev comments about it to the effect that basically it would take way too much manpower to do any more graphics-wise. That with only so many devs on their hands, they prioritized content and such over graphics, so they basically pick the low-hanging fruit (like water texture). Or at least try to go after the big ticket items.

  6. A similar problem would be disparity. Imagine if they updated that character models and they resembled something out of SWTOR or Skyrim. Now imagine that character standing in the vanilla version of Goldshire. It wouldn't look right.

    So we get Panda and that is probably it. After that Titan should be the next big thing. Hopefully it'll be WoW with new graphics and a new story. We all get to start back at level one.