Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#SWTOR - Vent Push to Talk Service Message

Push to talk not working for you? It wasn't for me, initially. This is just a quickie service announcement, not a full-fledged double post. The fix is simple and I wouldn't want you to feel as annoyed as I was. The trick is that you have to launch your vent client in Administrator mode. In Windows 7, this simply means right clicking and choosing "Run as Administrator." Or lowering the default defender settings so that everything is effectively run in admin mode. If your PTT key isn't registering in game (worked alt-tabbed out just fine), consider giving this quick-fix a try. Worked for me, and may save you a half hour of frustration.


  1. I have the same PTT issue with WoW. Hadn't considered running as Admin. Try next raid.

  2. Yeah, for some reason with WoW mine works just fine. It was a new issue for me with SWTOR and I was baffled. I don't know what about the way the games launch should be different on the same setup. *shrug*