Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Faire? The Faire!

All black and brown and covered with hair. Nope, that's not how it goes. (Sorry, little Song of Fire and Ice joke there. Anyone else enjoy the Bear and the Maiden Fair, or is it just me?). Anyway, about the Faire.

Yes, I finally got around to checking it out. A day late, to be sure. And while I complained on Friday about the new heroics (albeit in character), I have no complaints about the Faire. I'm actually suitably impressed. It is not a giant hub, but it is fun. The games are interesting, and it all seems well done. I haven't noticed any glaring issues yet, and even the small things seem to have been thought of.

It almost seems to me to be a Tale of Two Design Teams. There are a plethora of little things that annoy me about the the implementation of the new heroics. They just don't have that same level of Blizz-polish. There are small bugs here and there, and the storytelling is not as fluid as I might like to see. On a larger scale, they're fine. The fights are interesting when working, the venues pretty when you have a moment to take it in, and the cameos by lore characters are fun when you actually get a chance to digest that they're there. However, the demon lord is in the details, they say, and there are some details in the heroics that are even now being hotfixed.

The Faire, though? Seems flawless so far. Is it odd that that surprised me?

In a world of Skyrim and SWTOR, it really is the details that will make or break my playtime decisions. The minor details won't make me completely quit a game, but at the end of the day, I simply want the most fun for my time spent. My time is precious, and there are tons of things competing for it right now. The Faire may well win a temporary spot where the heroics have failed. It's not simply about rewards... it's how I feel when earning those rewards, and the heroics feel to rushed for me. It's more stress, not less.
"Oh come they said,
Oh come to the fair!
The fair? said he,
But I'm a bear!
All black and brown,
And covered in hair!"
I'll leave you with a tip: Did you know there's a trade goods vendor just outside of the return portal (in Elwynn Forest at least)? Yep, Fuu didn't. She went all the way back to Stormwind to get her trade goods. The closer vendor really makes the dailies pretty trivial. Just sayin'.


  1. For the horde the portal lands outside Thunder Bluff. Short flight up to main part of town to grab flour and other mats.

    Speaking of bears.. I want my Dancing Bear mount.

  2. "And down the road,"
    "From here to there,"
    "From here!To there!"
    "Three boys, a goat,"
    "And a dancing bear!"
    "They danced and spun,"
    "All the way to the fair!"


  3. I still think there needs to be an achievement eating Greenteeth's "offerings". :-D