Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two For Tuesday

I'm a classic rock station now. Deep radio DJ voice: double shot of Van Halen, comin' up. Then, we're going deep into the vaults for some AC/DC... Okay, not really. Just have two quick points of discussion for today.

First, SWTOR guild server announcements came out yesterday, so a whole bunch of us now know where we're going. If you're looking for me, look no further than the Jekk'Jekk Tar server. I'm following some RL friends there. Likely, I'll just go a Fulguralis for my first toon, so feel free to look me up and say hi.  Also, if you're in the neighborhood and looking for a close-knit, casual group of players (that are still playing other games so won't time will always be an issue), feel free to hang around with us in a more permanent fashion (i.e. find me and run with us a few times... maybe join our little guild).

I also plan to roll a toon on Hidden Beks if they let me as well. It's an EU server, and my old guild Generations is planning to play there. Most of them are EU folks, so we didn't roll mains there since the time change is likely an issue, but I did want to mention them.  If you're an EU gamer looking for a good, casual home... the great people at Gens still hold a special place in my heart, and they've been around forever.

Second, our raid group was short three last night (two of our future lawyers were facing finals), so we ended up checking out the LFR. It was everything everyone said it would be.  We actually queued into a 2/4 group, already in progress, so we only go to experience the last two bosses.  Or I think it said 2/8, but you only do 4 in LFR, right?  It was sort of confusing, but we downed two bosses and then the popup said we'd finished what we set out to do and the group dissolved, so we figured we were done.  The two fights were interesting, puggable, and fun.  I know people say "easy," but I wouldn't go that far.  Not that I find them challenging, just that I think they're tuned right for the situation you run them in.  The challenge is in coordination and leadership, not mechanics.

Also, as was pointed out by K-bear yesterday in comments, for someone coming from 10-mans, it's easy to forget how little the individual (especially DPS) matters in 25-man.  You're not really down and out until half the raid is dead.  There will be fail, but you should still be able to get the bosses down.  It was a lot of fun for the seven of us, together in vent, going in blind.  Plus we got some solid upgrades out of it.  Also, having a 7-raider core likely helped the group... we provided most of the top DPS, plus since we had our own healers, they kept us alive (not necessarily at the expense of others, but probably just a bit... so sue us. XD).

Fun times.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday programming.


  1. I logged in this morning at 7:13am EST ... server pop on Shien (RP US-East) was super low. By the time I logged off, it had gone from 7 to 56, so it appears the ramp up is happening (only 1 instance so far). Points to two things:

    1) Only a few of us were psycho enough to be up at 7:00am to log in
    2) They provided us enough servers to handle launch and have a nice smooth ramp.

    If both of those are true, then I can see everyone getting multiple days of access - at last count, I had 80 servers ready to rock. This means that even if you pre-order today, my professional guess is that you can get probably 2-3 days of access (probably the weekend).

    All speculation, though.

  2. I'm assuming you got an email telling you that you were good to go? I have not received anything letting me know it's time for me to log-in, but it's probably just not my turn yet.

  3. I received an email about 10 minutes after I started playing; apparently there are going to be 4 waves of emails (according to Stephen Reid's twitter - @Rockjaw). They are through the third wave right now and there's still a fourth to come. I'm not at home right now, but I've heard reports of server queues already. Hold out hope that you're in the final wave today!

    If not, expect tomorrow's waves of emails to start around 7am EST again.

  4. Cool. I'll check when I get home this evening to make sure that I didn't get access without an email. Otherwise, I'll wait anxiously.