Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Halftime of the Reader Clearing Game

And we're back. Happy New Year everyone! Back to the grind. I'm having an acute case of gaming withdrawal today. I've swapped my early morning coffee back in where early morning PvP warzones had settled in over break. Then, there's the bloated feedreader. Neglect it for a week and it'll blow up bigger than, um, something in a Michael Bay movie. (Anything. Could be a banana, and it would mushroom cloud... yeah, picture that.)

So yeah, I'm halfway through clearing out. I'm skimming most of what I find, captured by a few articles here and there. In an effort to force myself back in the swing of things, I'm babbling here. I'll even give you an amazing list of random gaming thoughts:
  • I picked up AC: Revelations yesterday (finally!) and started it. Took forever to get my PS3 updated to the right software (I've played all the games on the console, though I had to dust the bad boy off this time). The tutorial got me right back into things (Yep, remember how to ledge assassinate). Looking forward to this game.
  • My brothers surprised me with a Christmas Game Gift. They're poor college kids, so I didn't expect much (usually a half-imbibed beer is a solid effort, amirite?)... but they pulled out a Lord of the Rings game that I hadn't really paid attention to: War in the North. Apparently it is supposed to have a solid co-op to it, so I'll have to give it a play-through soon as well.
  • After unlocking my legacy on TOR, I rolled a trooper. Feels totally different from my lightsaber-wielder, in a good way. I feel a bit like Stallone (think Rambo, not Rocky. Or maybe Demolition man. Murder-Death-Kill?), running in, guns blazing, blowing everything to hell. Fun times.
  • I'm back in the raid leading saddle on the WoW side of things. Our previous RL stepped down due to RL time crunching. Last night saw my re-debut. We've got the first two Dragon Soul bosses down now, though the ping pong guy took us a bit. I'll probably be writing more about the strats we're using here, though I know we're late to the party, as usual.
  • Two shout outs from my reader perusal. First, From KISA... on trying to hit "quicksave" while playing TOR. Spot on. Caught myself doing this last night.
  • Second from Bio Break... on the strength of story-telling and its potential to reach untapped audiences. I've been seeing a trend of reactions to TOR in the blogosphere that I'll write about more tomorrow (and also link the counterpoint).
Wasn't that amazing?! *Sigh* Okay, back to the grind and sneaking in articles. I will get this reader cleared out today...

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