Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Warlocky Beth'tilac Strat

I mentioned I might do a strat post today. However, instead of BH, I substituted Beth'tilac. Apparently there's a good write-up for BH on WoW Insider that I've not had time to look at yet, but it's not a hard fight.

I like to make my own strats, so this is as much for me as it is for any of you.  Likely, you're all beyond this big arachnid anyway.  One thing I like to try to do when I'm attacking a strat write-up is to condense and make it funny/interesting.  There are tons of dry strats out there.  Most of the times, those strats won't hold the attention of our raiders (myself included).  There is definitely a point where my eye cross and I start thinking about lolcats (killing them, of course).  Thus, here is my somewhat irreverent strat for Beth'tilac.

Big boss spider sits up on top of the web and rains AoE down until a tank picks her up.  Medium sized spiders (spinners) drop down. Once they are taunted off their strings (or killed), the strings can be used to ascend to the top.  Small spiders (spiderlings) spawn in a group and run to a big spider (drone).
This happens in a series of three waves. Each wave consists of 1 drone, a half dozen spinners, and 2-3 waves of little spiderlings (~12).

That is all just for Phase 1. We'll get to P2 in a sec, but don't worry it's easy.

In P1, the name of the game is add/damage control. This is a "live through it" phase. We send three folks up top to keep the big bitch occupied (tank, heals, deeps) while the remainder of the group struggles below. You need to assign someone to get the spinners off their strings (their spit hurts more than their melee, and they don't really require a tank). You need to kill the spiderlings before they get to the drone, or the drone will gain a stacking damage buff from each eaten. You also need to kill all spiderlings before the boss comes down for P2.

Thus, we have the following assignments, with 2 tanks, 3 heals, 5 deeps:
  • Tank 1 is up top with Healer 1 and Mad Deeps 1. I would suggest Mad Deeps 1 be an Aff'lock because of course you have one and Aff'locks are (nearly) worthless on trash.  Instead, they excel at sustained damage with moderate movement. Leave the burstier melee deeps downstairs for sure.
  • Tank 2 (your tank with the best situational awareness) remains down and focuses on tanking the drone and avoiding the spiderlings. It is on this tank to keep his/her head on a swivel and puzzle out the spiderling spawn points (they are finite, but I'm not sure exactly where they occur). 
  • The people up top simple need to live by avoiding meteors, keep her engaged, and the deeps needs to deeps. Deeps now helps us in P2 later.
  • Healers 2 and 3 are downstairs split between raid and tank, doing their thang.
  • (Melee) Deeps 2 with the worst combination of taunt/AoE (or best deeps) would be assigned to be on the drone when it pops, deepsing his/her heart out.
  • (Melee) Deeps 3 with taunt (DKs are good for this) with Deeps 4 (Hunter) focus on the hanging spinners. The goal is to get them off strings and then kill them. Hunter MDs to DK and the world keeps on spinning. Ha, get it? Like I said, their melee bark is far worse than the bite. Don't need tank gear here, but will need some heals, especially if we get behind.
  • This leaves Deeps 5 (best AoE) to focus on getting those spiderlings down when they spawn. Other deeps should drop their AoE's if they can. Deeps 4 could slide over to help if we're both ahead on the spinners and/or behind on the 'lings. Deeps 2 could help finish off any that get close too.
So 3 waves of this chaos. In between waves, the folks from the top will have to jump back down to avoid death and we do a bit of rinse/repeat, jumping back up and resuming the dance.

After the 3rd wave, she'll deign descend from on high to fight us for reals. Likely, there will be a very last spiderling spawn right before this. It'll be key that we down all those 'lings so that the big girl doesn't eat them, otherwise she'll heal up per 'ling lunch.

This, if you haven't guessed, puts us into Phase 2. P2, thankfully, is pretty simple. Burn like fel. She'll get a stacking buff that works as a "soft" enrage timer. Longer we take, the harder she hits, until splat.

Questions/Comments? Call the hotline: 1-555-Bethsux.  (Sounds like a 900 number, but it isn't, for safety reasons).


  1. There is one corner of Beth'tilac's lair where the spiderlings doesn't spawn. And if I'm mistaken it's the first corner on the left of the entrance (when you're facing her)

    This spot is by far the best place to tank the drones.

  2. Thanks! We'll have to check that out.