Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caught Up

Well, we did it. As a guild, our extremely casual 10-man group is now officially in Firelands. In the span of two weeks, we knocked out the latter half of all of the previous tier's raiding content. I'm sure the nerf had a lot to do with it, as well as the low-hanging gear improvements (from dailies/questing).  We even owned TB (as alliance!) last night, so we got to roflstomp BH.

Yes, we have our Defenders of a Shattered World title, and our shiny new mounts.  They may be slightly stale, but for us the taste is still just as sweet.  On our off nights, we'll probably go back and polish off the personal achievements for some of our subs and the people who couldn't make it on a given night.  But, as a guild, we're there.  Hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

I'm excited to see where we get to before the next major content patch drops.  Can we polish off FL in the interim?  To me, and to most of my guild (I think), our success always seems a sort of "proof of concept."  That is to say, a lot of us wouldn't be raiding at all if we had to conform to a more traditional schedule.  Theoretically speaking, we shouldn't be successful.  We don't spend the time in-game wiping and learning that everyone else says is necessary.

We're not on the bleeding edge, but we're seeing the content.  We're experiencing it.  We're not being carried by a half-hardcore team.  We're working together toward a goal.  Heck, our small guild still has yet to hit level 20, and it isn't for lack of trying.

We did get about 45 minutes to work on Beth'tilac last night.  That seems a fun fight.  Here are my initial impressions:
  • Kill the hangy spiders and get up top... I'm sick of being puked on.
  • Small spiders, AoE.
  • Big guy... kill?
  • So many spiders.  Why couldn't it have been snakes?
  • Aaannd we're dying.
  • More spiders? Argh.
  • Wipe.
I feel like we're struggling for DPS.  We send a tank, a healer, and a melee DPS up.  I wonder if that is wise.  I was the leader last night, so this is me questioning my own decisions (instead of arm-chair quarterbacking).  We were pretty successful at getting the spiderlings down before the reached the drone, but we didn't seem to get the drone down before a second one spawned.  Then, it seemed like people started dying because we were too far behind.  Needless to say, we have some learning to do, and some strat analysis.

I think maybe I'll do a quick write up of the BH boss tomorrow.  It was pretty easy, but I didn't see many written strats out there.  Link me with a good one and I'll make sure to point to that (I know there are good videos, but I like a write up).

It feels good to be "caught up."


  1. If you have a destruction warlock have them do the boss pull with Bane of Havok (he doesnt need to go up) that will end up doing 10-15% of the boss health which makes the whole thing a lot easier.

    For us we find we want the melee dps to stay down on the 3rd up top bit to ensure the large add is down.

  2. WoW Insider has a FANTASTIC write up for the BH boss (and the other Firelands bosses). So I would check them out. http://www.icy-veins.com/firelands-raid also has VERY NICE write ups for each position on the fights.

    For Beth. Taunting down the Spinners needs to happen ASAP. Their spitting does more than their melee attack. Depending on your raid make up (more melee isn't good) you will want to assign specific people to specific jobs.

    Our raid has 2 hunters, an arcane mage, an aff lock (me) and an enhancement shaman. We also run with a pally & druid as healers so we have extra taunts to bring down the spinners. Our hunters distracting shot the spinners down. One hunter will usually handle the spiderlings (top priority), the other hunter and the mage handle the spinners then focus on the drone (helping with the spiderlings as needed). Our shaman stays on the drone at all times. I am the lucky one that gets sent up top to dps the boss.

    You DO NOT WANT the drones to eat the spiderlings. There is a sweet spot where the tank can keep the drone (who cleaves) away from the spawning of the spiderlings. There might be some movement if the spiderlings dont get killed right away.

    Again, the spiderings are TOP priority. If the drone eats any he gets a stacking buff that will just kill your tank. When Beth comes down if ANY spiderlings are out she will eat them and regain 10% health for each one she eats. So even if you have an awesome dps up top if she comes down and spiderlings are out she will go back to almost full health.

    Once you get the add control down, this isn't a difficult fight. We stack up in the center of the room (sticking a marker there) so that AoE heals are hitting for the best. I actually pull the boss with my curse of elements so that the jinx ability is active on the spinners.

    If you want tips on the other bosses I am more than happy to help :D

  3. WoW Insider is blocked at work, so I'll have to check it out later.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm sure I'll be asking for more as we go.

  4. If you want I can email you stuff that is blocked.

  5. When we started learning this fight, we only sent a tank and healer up. That gave us maximum dps down below to learn how to deal with adds. Once we started hitting P2 consistently, we then sent a rogue up top.

    Sometimes it's better to do a fight slightly incorrectly at the start so that you can learn the tricks of a specific phase fully.

  6. @kdot - No thanks. I should be working and I'd like to go see the source anyway.

    @Rohan - That's a great idea and one I've contemplated using on occasion. Strangely, we've always seemed to get over "the hump" just as I am about to switch it up.