Tuesday, August 30, 2011

QOTD: Legendary Tips

We finally downed our first Firelands boss last night. We had been working on Beth'tilac, but after two weeks of wiping (and much tweaking of strategies), we decided that we just didn't have the gear for it. Beth'tilac is a gear check, and we just weren't getting the adds down fast enough.

Most of us are over 359 average ilevel, but not by a whole lot.  Many have stopped running heroics out of sheer boredom with them.  We try to do a few a week, but we are definitely not capping VP (and we don't require that).  If we were less casual, that average gear level is probably enough. After all, I've seen stories of folks going in with that sort of gear and doing just fine. Being pretty casual, we probably need a bit more gear.  It was doubly frustrating because everyone else seems to think that this fight is cake.  Well, the cake is a lie.  If your group is struggling, feel in good company.

So, in the last half hour, we decided to swap over to Shannox.  The only reason we didn't do him first was because we didn't want to waste a bunch of time clearing the trash to get him to spawn.  We've done enough trash runs that most of the trash no longer gives rep, so there's little drive to do it.  Still, it was time to try another boss.  The hunter's horn sounded thrice, and then... 

We one shot him.  Yeah.  It went something like this:

/Ful starts reading strat over vent
/Shannox pats into range halfway through the reading
/We say "screw it" and pull
/yadda yadda yadda
/Shannox dies

I know, I yadda'ed over the best part.  Well, we killed one dog early.  The second dog we dragged out until Shannox had like 35% health left.  Then, we finished them both off.  We were just sort of winging it with only the vaguest idea of what we were supposed to do, and it worked.

So, I have to say: Shannox is far easier than Beth'tilac... especially if you're not high on the gear curve.

The side effect of an unexpected one-shot is that we got out first chance to see one of the BoP embers needed for the caster Legendary.  As one might guess, we found ourselves ill-prepared to deal with it.  I don't know if you've ever been in a casual raid group before, but it's been my experience that whenever something special like this drops, there's this moment of mini-panic where everyone is thinking "oh shit, now what do we do."

You see, casual folks tend to have a wide array of different opinions when it comes to gearing.  And Legendaries can cause guild-stress even for the prepared.  It's just one of the truths of the game.

Fortunately, rational heads prevailed and after a few moments of collective flailing, we had it narrowed down to three people who both wanted the opportunity (not everyone wants the responsibility... you're pretty much saying you'll be there for every raid and then some) and could make good use of the resulting item.  The three rolled and, well, yours truly came out on top.  So, if our ragtag guild somehow manages to construct the Legendary, I will get it.

I'm super-psyched about this.  I don't think I've ever had a shot for anything cool in the many years I've played this game.  Generally, there hasn't been a whole lot unique and cool for casters, but also I've never been in a position where it was really possible.  I hesitate to get too excited, because actually being able to do this is a long way off, and could never happen, but it feels nice to even have the chance.  I've been a dedicated guildy for a lot of years now, and my current guild-mates are some of my very best friends, so though they may give me crap about it... I'm thankful nonetheless.

Which brings me to my question of the day.  Now that I have a shot at the Legendary... does anyone have any tips?  Is there anything I can do to be ready for it?  Are there any other Warlocks out there rocking this bad boy?


  1. I just completed the 25 embers portion of the quest last week and did the solo dungeon. I made a post about it (mostly bitching) but I finally got it down the next day. I will tell you that it will take you a while to get all 25 embers. In 10 man you either get 1 or you get none. So it will take you at the minimum 25 boss kills to get enough for the first collection.

    Tonight I am going to do the stuff needed to get the items to summon the boss that has the first version of the staff.

    I will say that WoWhead has some awesome comments on the quest chain.

    Grats and good luck!! :D

  2. Awesome. I'm pretty sure I read your article (but was merely jealous at the time). I'll have to review it and the wowhead comments :-).

  3. There sure is!
    One thing you have to be careful about:
    When you finish your 25 embers and after you do the solo quest in the Nexus, you will have to collect some crystals during the first 4 boss fights in Firelands, Shannox, Beth, Rhyolith and Alysrazor. The thing is, you can get those crystals, wipe on the bosses, do the special boss event (Volcanus) and continue your questline to the next stage, where you have to collect 1000 Seething Cinders, all in the same week. Be sure to wipe on the 4 bosses after collecting the crystals so you can do this, you'll be able to collect your first Cinders in that same lockout.

    Something else: Do NOT race change while you are on that step or you might lose your progress.

  4. Definitely not everyone in our group thought it was a gear issue. I know of at least three who disagreed with that notion :)

  5. Gratz on Shannox! Yes indeed... when yadda yadda means kill Rageface and let your heals cope, then I wholeheartedly agree :). THe fight really is down to decent tanks working out the strat for dropping the debuff - once that's done its an easy fight.

    And gratz on starting on the road to legendary status - our selected staff getter is also a lock (I sense a conspiracy here!) but with 24 more embers to go (or 22 in MTRs case) we sense that DeathWing will be dead and buried before we see any gold writing!

    Keep us informed on Beth'tilac - she seems a hurdle for many

  6. Congrats on the first one! :D Keep in mind though, embers are really few and far between on 10mans :( we got shannox about 4 weeks into 4.2 and up to now? we only have 5 embers. this despite about 6 kills on shannox, 3 on beth, 2 on rhyolith and one on baleroc.

    On another note, if you can buy the living embers, start buying them. They only drop off firelands bosses though, and that's another pita to collect

  7. @MM - Well, they're welcome to be wrong. You can always use more gear! :-D

    @Breevok - Thanks! We'll let you know. I have some other ideas for Beth, but it'll probably be tough.

    @LDS - Thanks. I figure it's going to probably be all the way up until next expansion, and then I won't really be able to use it :-(. I'm hoping that eventually FL will get a bit of a nerf too, allowing us to farm it easily down the road.