Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I Could Only Get Rid of Those Blue Bracers...

I finally achieved friendly with the new Firelands faction the other day.  Thus, I was able to pick up the epic cloak from the vendor, which is currently listed as best-in-slot for me (not including T12 Heroics).  Cape in tow, I ventured off to my local reforgery.  I also took the opportunity to pop in my Moonwell Chalice.

(Side note: it took me a while to figure out that the small, lightwell-like thingy that popped up next to me was my newly equipped trinket "on use."  Fuu kept asking about it and I kept saying "must be a quest or something."  It was the trinket... duh.  Pretty neat effect, if not very warlocky.)

I consulted Mr. Robot and made the necessary adjustments.  I feel compelled to note that I'm still having a bit of a "hit issue" with Mr. Robot right now.  Basically, he is having me over-stack hit by almost exactly one piece.  I haven't had the time to really puzzle out why this is.  My solution for now has been to simply ignore the reforge on my helm.  I'm still showing above cap on my character sheet (14% and hovering over confirms that I have 0% chance of missing a raid boss), and I'm not wasting the extra hit form that reforge.  I'm not entirely sure why Mr. Robot is having me do this, since wasting his seems sub-optimal.  I'm sitting at like 14.1% and the helm would put me at around 14.5%.  That's ~40 points of waste.

Now, perhaps there's a good reason for this.  Maybe there's a legit bug that people have been talking about on the forums.  Were I a good Warlock with extra time, I would go over and start up a conversation with Mr. Robot himself.  He has been great about addressing concerns in the past.  I just haven't had the time to give it proper attention.  And I'm pretty sure that, minus the one oddity, the reforging is correct.  I did have to double-check though.  You should probably do the same, or let me know what I'm missing here.

With cloak and chalice, I ran a FL trash clear and definitely saw some improvement.  It wasn't massive, as the cloak upgrade ends up being minor (what with the epic quest reward), and the chalice isn't head-and-shoulders above the Soul Casket that I replaced... but I'd say maybe a couple hundred more DPS on average.  I'm running Affliction, so I'm simply popping the mastery bonus up front.  Demo folks may want to bind the trinket to meta somehow, as I guess it rolls through.

In other news, you should check out Cynwise's new other blog.  As opposed to the Battlefield Manual, these are his Field Notes.  It's still Cynwise, only shorter (sometimes) and more personal (IHMO).  He's been writing more often over there as a result, and that is a "win" in my book.  If you haven't checked it out, I suggested you give it a look.  Being (personally) less PvP and Wall-of-Text inclined... I'm quite enjoying it.  In fact, I think I may have to go tour Lakeshire sometime soon.


  1. You need 17% hit the last I checked. Where is the 14% coming from?

  2. same boat with you on the the braces, luckily im using my valor and going to go ahead and get the valor bracers. They are my only blues left so i need to get rid of them

  3. @Kbear - You get 3% from talents. The mouse-over on your character sheet is smart enough to know this, so it should be reflected there.

    @Anon - There are valor bracers? I couldn't find any...

  4. No you don't get 3% from talents anymore. 17% is the hit cap for spells vs boss mobs. Mr Robot is awesome but gear will only get you so far. Trying to make sure you are always dishing out damage in each fight and shooting for high up time on your dots will give a much bigger dps boost.

  5. Then why when I mouse over with only 14% listed hit do I not show a chance to miss? I was under the impression that the tooltip was the correct litmus test.

    I agree that tightening up your button pressing is the best way to boost your DPS, though. Assuming I'm operating in that arena to the best of my ability, then gearing can come into play.

  6. I wonder if the tooltip isn't messed up. I'm looking at the armory App and it shows me low. Does anyone know if there's a tooltip issue in-game?

    I know that the overall hit cap is 17%, that is not what I'm debating here... only why my character sheet might show me capped at 14%. Is it something they hotfixed but flubbed the tooltip? I can't find any unblocked information to help me out.

  7. I'll do some more looking tonight, but if anyone has seen the same thing, let me know.

  8. Are you sure you are looking at Spell hit and not Melee hit?

  9. Yeah, pretty sure. I mean I've done that before :-).

    I'll double check tonight if I get a chance to log on. Then I'll either have screenies for tomorrow or a mea culpa.

  10. Actually, looking at the armory app... wtf is "ranged hit?" I'm wondering if I wasn't looking at that now. I'm assuming that's like a hunter with a bow... or us with wands? Is that cap the same as melee cap?

  11. Grr, I'll double check tonight... but that looks like the number. Oh well, means that I'm the broken one which is probably a good thing.

  12. As for bracers - Depending on how much work you want to put in:

    Farm Valor on an alt and buy the bracers for your main (Bracers are BoE this tier)

    Purchase the BoE T11 bracers off the AH (Bracers of the Dark Pool). You should be able to get those at a much lower rate than they were in current content (I got mine as a steal for 5k during T11)


    Purchase the new T12 BoE bracers off the AH.

    Right now my problem is getting shoulders. We run with a lot of tank/healers that are pallies and priests. I am NEVER seeing 4 piece tier. They like to console me with the fact that I get the legendary staff. Yes because that makes up for having 346 shoulders. :(

  13. Aha! I see the VP bracers now. It's a shame there aren't any JP ones... :-(.

    I'll probably just save my VP. It doesn't seem so unreachable now that VP is enabled for the T11 content too.

  14. The VP bracers were the first thing I bought post patch. T11 itemization had a lot of weak spots, bracers, wands, and shoulders. It seems like Wrath tiers had way more options. The segregation of spirit vs no spirit gear also reduced options. It seems like plate classes have had an easier time gearing up so far in Cata.

  15. Bracers were my last nagging upgrade as well. Luckily I got the BOE bracers that @DotsandHots mentioned. Nice upgrade from my Uldum dungeon reward blues.

    Now if I could only get 2 more DM (5&8, IIRC) cards to finish my Embers set, or get off my lazy behind and do the 2 more days of TB dailies for the Stump, I could replace that darn 346 trinket..

  16. @Urban - agree with weak spots. I wonder if that was an intentional design choice...

    @Adgamorix - Isn't it all for hunters? :-)

    @Elk - You lucky dog. The stump is good stuff. Get that and the chalice from FL and you're in good shape as far as trinkets go, IMO.