Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, I'm Dumb.

This is a follow-up on yesterday's post and the ensuing discussion in comments.  Thankfully, sharp readers caught my idiocy, and gently steered me in the right direction.  (Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my readers/commenters around here?  I am continually impressed by the thoughtfulness and consideration that goes into comments around here.  It really does seem to break the troll statistics.  Not all Internet communication is flawed!)

First of all, the most helpful thing to most Warlocks is probably recognition that, unless you get a fortunate drop or go AH'ing, the bracer slot seems to be one of the worst for epic'ing out.  Generally, we're all saving our VP for that, because there just really isn't much out there.  I hear that shoulders come in a close second.

My goof comes when talking about Mr. Robot and hit cap.  I'll try to make a long story short.

There is, apparently, ranged hit.  I'm not sure what ranged hit is or where it came from.  It just showed up one day (likely with Cataclysm, and I've been oblivious of it).  Now, when the stat changes first swept through, I certainly had a small bit of trouble with confusing Melee and Spell hit.  Unless you're cognizant of the little heating in the stat column, it can be an easy mix up.

Lately, I've apparently been looking at this Ranged hit.  I made sure I wasn't doing Melee, but I guess it never dawned on me that ranged hit does not equal spell hit.  After all, it seemed to me that the ranged hit cap was 14%, which was the number to hit back when we got 3% from talents.  We no longer get any hit from talents.  Or racials.  Thus, you need a straight 17%.

My confusion, then, was that I was still showing 14% in the hit column, and mousing over confirmed that my chance to miss a raid boss was 0.  The scaling of ranged hit is such that while in reality, I had around 16.5% hit, ranged hit is around 14%.  Thus, following the advice of Mr. Robot, I was in the correct ballpark.  Enough away to think that something was screwy, but close enough that I didn't realize how screwy.  I figured it was just some minor glitch from something I was doing just a bit differently.  Such things have been known to happen in Azeroth from time to time.

Finally, I decided to write about the odd occurrence.  What better way to puzzle something out than throw yourself on the mercy of the interwebs (also, it just so happens that I have a WoW blog).  I would have liked to troll EJ, the Den, and the Mr. Robot forums, but I'd just not had time at non-blocked-internet-home to be able to do it.  Hence a cry for help.

The first suggestion was that I was looking at Melee hit.  Nay, said I.  Falleth for that farce again, I did not.  What ho?  Ranged hit, you say?  (The saying being done by my armory iPhone app.)  What sort of devilry is this?

Once I'd sorted out my confusion, it became obvious: I needed to expand one more drop down on my stat screen.  I did as much last night during my daily run.  Sure enough, I was just below hit cap... to the tune of about, oh, say the one piece I'd neglected to reforge because I believed I was already capped.  Ugh.

Fortunately, I finished the Firelands dailies last night, unlocking the ancients as the last of my three.  There's a ring there that's a minor upgrade.  So, I picked it up and reforged the night away.  Now I sit safely at 16.99% hit (Mr. Robot hath been vindicated in my mind, and I'm sorry for every doubting), and my haste doth overfloweth.

All is well that ends well.

(Thanks again for the comments that helped me along the way)


  1. YAY!!!

    I got an upgrade last night (the guild let me make the crafted BiS boots) and I got to mess around with my hit too. When I got the trinket from Balroc it dropped my hit from just over 17% to like 16.38% or somesuch. Short of re-gemming to hit (which I was NOT going to do) I didn't have much choice but to be under hit. Now that I've gotten my boots I have moved up to like 16.49% (whoo >.<) and I still refuse to gem for hit. I will probably have to run some heroics (which I loathe) in order to get enough valor to get my chest piece.

    The biggest suck is that 75% of our BiS gear drops off Majordomo and Rag. /sigh

  2. Just as a side note, ranged hit has always been there AFAIK. (At least, since LK, which is when I started to play)
    Ranged hit applies to ranged weapons only (I'm not sure about wands though...), and the only class that worries about it are Hunters. The ranged hit cap is 8%, just like melee, so if you had 14% ranged hit, you were way above the ranged hit cap, that's why you had 0% miss chance on raid bosses. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the amount of hit rating required to reach 8% ranged hit is the same required to reach 8% melee hit. Spell hit is the only one different as far as rating to percentage conversion is concerned (we need less rating per %).

    And if Draenei could be Warlocks, you could indeed get some hit from racials. That racial was changed in Cata though so that it only affects the Draenei and not her party/raid members.

  3. Sounds plausible. They just keep rearranging what is already there so that I think it's easy to get confused.

    Too bad about those space goats, too. I miss having a reason to keep them around. Besides dancing, that is. XD

  4. Yah that's an honest mistake and I can attest to making the same mistake before. There is something screwy with Mr Robot still, with my warlock Mr Robot is telling me to reforge so that I'm only sitting at 15.42% hit and then tells me that with Raid Buffed I would be at 17% so I'm kind of stuck trying to understand where Mr Robot thinks I'm going to get that 1.58% hit from.

  5. Hm. It seems spot on for me. Have you had any time to ask/look on his forums? Like I said, whenever I've had questions, they've been answered thoroughly. My issue is always finding the time to ask them.

    1.59% seems like a lot. When my brain has been working... I've never been more than .05% off.