Monday, August 8, 2011

Stupid Harbinger

It's been a busy one around the Manor this last week.  This Warlock has basically been working two jobs to make 13 hour days, leaving me only time enough for small tasks in WoW before I collapse.  I can't whine too much, though, because the second job is a volunteer position.  It isn't like someone forced me into it.  (For those who might not know, I coach HS football in the fall.  It's two-a-day time right now.  This is also why I didn't get to an IC Friday post last week.  Apologies.)

Fortunately, I'm to the point on my main toon that I don't need to do dailies anymore.  Everything is unlocked.  All I have left is to finish up the achievements because I'd like the Flamecaller title.  Most of them have been pretty easy.  Things you can knock out one day at a time.  I'd been tracking three achievements on my screen at a time, knocking them out as I go.  I saved the hardest (and longest) for last.  Those happened to be Ready for Raiding II and Death from Above.

I wouldn't say these are the hardest skill-wise, but they do rely on random daily spawns and just getting the appropriate quest in the first place.  Thus, you're not always in control of your destiny when it comes to completing these.  Still, I wanted to share a few tricks I picked up from various places that may help if you're looking to finish these up too.
  • If you need to wave at folks, remember that you can use "/tar name" to find them.  It doesn't even have to be the full name.  For about a week, I was flying around the roost typing "/tar man" every time I logged in.  Mankrik was my unicorn for that one.
  • If you're having trouble with Ludicrous Speed, after you turn in the quest (but before you kill the mini-boss for the next part and thus lose the ability to become a flying something-or-other) you can keep trying.  You also have no specific bird limits at this point, which is nice.  You can nab hawks for a 15 stacks each (instead of stupid owls at 5 or songbirds at a paltry 1).  Rule the skies!
  • For Ready for Raiding II, you do NOT need to pick up the quest to get the achievement.  I unlocked the ancients last (and thus the kill quest), but I was working on these guys long before that.  As long as someone else comes along to start the event, you can get in on it.
  • For that same one, most of them are pretty easy.  Just avoid the bad.  If you screw it up the first time, wait for the next round.  Or be lazy and tag it and run away (works for most).  For the Harbinger, I had a really hard time.  I pulled out all the tricks.  I waited for the last 10% to tag.  I sandbagged it.  I tried to burn.  We had a warrior interrupting.  I think on that day, it was simply bugged for me.  The next day I logged to find the Harbinger still up (wewt) and got it first try.  You have to avoid the flames, and I think jumping makes sure the meteor doesn't hit you.  I just ran around and jumped a lot.  I guess the tip here is that if you've tried and you think you are avoiding the bad yet don't get it... maybe come back a different day?  This one drove me nuts.
  • When all you have left is the bombing run achievement (if this is not your last one, you've either planned very well or gotten very lucky.  The odds are totally against you.  You have to get the quest, which isn't always up, and then get the spawns you need, one per day.  Ugh), you can simplify the process by not turning in the quest.  Thus, it should remain active for you.  Obviously, you're sacrificing marks, but if you're done, who cares?  The downside here is that you'll need to log out near the quest giver because the fire comes back every day (or do some clever corpse running to get there).  If you don't, then you can still get there by completing the pre-requisite dailies, but that's sort of a pain.
  • Apparently the bombing run guy switches twice per day.  I've not really checked this, but it may be worth your time to pop in both the morning and the evening.  (I think they swap at like 1pm and 4am or something, server time.)
 I still have three guys left to hit on the bombing run, but that is all.  Then, I'll have acheesed my way to another title.  I've grown fond of the quest achievements, and so far have gotten all of the Cataclysm ones.  For people who enjoy questing, I think they're balanced well.  That is, they're not super-impossible as a ranged clothy and solo-able by a Pally.  Not that has ever happened before.  Oh no.

Anyway, are there any other title chasers out there?  (Titles, Mr. Connery.  Famous Titles.)  Got any tips I missed?


  1. Xayíde@GurubashiAugust 8, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    You don't have to rely on the bombing daily to be up to try the achiev. Just keep it in your quest log and don't complete it, you'll be able to do it every day. This keeps you from getting the Ancients daily and the marks for the bombing daily itself, but if you're not concerned with the marks, screw it.
    Note that I said do not "complete" it, not do not "deliver" it. I haven't tested myself, but someone told me you can't even complete the quest in order for this to work.
    I'm only missing Singeflayer and the Cinderweb Queen to get my title =)

    Nice tip on the two mobs per day on the bombing achiev! I'll definitely check this out.

  2. Xayíde@GurubashiAugust 8, 2011 at 3:55 PM

    Oh, and according to a blog I read, apparently your pet can't get hit by the Harbringer's abilities either orelse you fail the achiev. Dismiss it and engage.

  3. Xayíde@GurubashiAugust 8, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Apparently I'm a lazy reader and you already knew about not turning in the quest.... Sorry =/
    WTB Edit/Delete comment button.

  4. Ha, no problem. It deserves to be re-iterated :-).

    And I saw that about the pet too. The second half of my night of fails were done without a pet, to no avail. Then next day I one-shotted it. *shrug*.

  5. I also found out that you can't simply log out near the bombing run. You need to phase it to get the firebird to show up. Thus, you still need to do the pre-requisite quests. :-(

  6. Did anyone have any troubles after the last bug fix patch to do the bombing run cheat?
    I had the quest before the patch but after its application the fire bird just wasn't there... I kept the quest and the next day the same thing, it wasn't there... I abandoned the quest and decided to do the non fire bird daily. I'm yet to see if it's there today.

  7. Last night I did the run again, but I did have to do the pre-req quests to get the phasing right. The fire bird was still there for me, so long as I had gotten through the firewall (with the blowy guy).

  8. Ready for Raiding II -

    See, I was one of those who did not realize that you could work on this achievement before unlocking the quest. I did Ancients last. I have gone up that hill to look at that boss everyday since I started getting the quest (I never missed a day with dailies, so it's been a couple of weeks) The Spider has never appeared. Not once. Never. It's all I need to complete...


  9. Yeah. There always seemed to be one hard to get one. The good news is that it's a quick check each day :-).