Friday, August 19, 2011

Caught in a Storm

It is the following evening, several hours after closing that Harrison sees her again.  Decedereful and her fiancee had been curiously absent all night, but now she sneaks in through the front doors.  She peers behind her as if worried of pursuit, and then resolutely shuts and locks the door.

Harrison stands frozen in the midst of wiping down the bar.  He had already sent the help home, and was simply finishing up a few last chores.  When she turns and spears him with her beautiful blue eyes, she freezes like cornered animal.  There is something wild about her appearance, and it serves only to enhance her ravishing beauty.

She wears a long jacket, having just removed the wide brimmed hat from her head and letting her dark hair spill out over her shoulders.  Moments ago, before she'd spun around, Harrison might have thought her one of Renault's henchmen, come to pay him an unsavory night's visit.  Instead, one look at her chases all thoughts of self-preservation from his mind.

His face remains impassive.  He watches as Decedereful gathers her courage and approaches him across the club.  When she nears, she slips the jacket from her shoulders and drapes it over a chair.  The dress she wears beneath is enough to set Harrison's blood on fire.  His heart thumps painfully against his chest, and he struggles to stay calm.  She continues forward until she stands before him, regarding him with burning, doe-eyes.  Harrison keeps the counter between them.

"Why did you come back?" Harrison asks.  "To tell me why you ran out on me at the railway station?"

A look crossing her beautiful face.  "...Yes."

"Well, you can tell me now.  I'm reasonably sober."  Harrison replaces several full bottles to the area he'd just been wiping.

"If I am to be honest with you, you must promise me something," Dece says.

"What is that?"  Harrison asks.

"That you ask no questions of me that I cannot answer," Dece replies.

"No questions, then.  Okay."

There is a pause as she gathers herself.

"I would not have returned," she says, "would not have chanced causing you even the smallest hurt, were the situation not dire.  Valentis, he needs to get out of here if he is to continue his work.  And it's important work, you know that, Harrison."

Harrison nods, but says nothing and crosses his arms.  Her eyes contain nothing but sincerity.

Decedereful continues, "As it is, I come to you because of the love we once shared, the love that still burns deep within me, in the hopes of eliciting your help."  She smiles.  "When I left the Lost City-"

"I wouldn't bring up the Lost City if I were you.  It's poor salesmanship," Harrison interrupts.

The smile melts away and she takes a deep breath.  "Leaving you was the hardest thing I've ever done.  Please, believe that.  And now it seems that fate has brought me back to you.  I'm not the same girl that you knew, but I love you all the same.  These times make for complicated situations."

Harrison can no longer stand it.  "Who are you really, and what were you before?  What did you do and what did you think, huh?"  It is obvious a war rages inside of him.

Decedereful shakes her head.  "We said no questions."

Harrison frowns and lifts a clean glass, "...Here's looking at you, kid."

Decedereful smiles.  Like a cat stalking her prey, she moves smoothly around the end of the bar to join Harrison on his side.  She steps in close.  Harrison peers down into the face he once loved so well.  His features soften.

"I'm sorry for asking.  I forgot we said no questions," he says.

"Well, only one answer can take care of all our questions."

Decedereful rises up on her toes and pulls his head in, kissing him.  Their lips mingle as words flee.  The room swirls in Harrison's vision as he loses himself.  He brings one hand up on her smooth, cold back, pressing her into him.  Her fingers worm down into his hair, gripping as if her life depended on it.

A knock pulls them apart.

"Does anyone know you are here?" Harrison asks breathlessly.  His first thought is of henchmen, and that perhaps he's put Dece in danger.

"No.  No one," she replies.

Harrison disentangles himself and approaches the door.  The knock sounds again.

"Who is there?" Harrison says in a loud voice.

"Valentis," comes the muffled reply.

Harrison turns to find Decedereful with a look of panic on her face.  And also, perhaps, just the slightest hint of something else.  Harrison despairs to name it, but cannot deny it.



  1. Oh yeah! Part of my comment was going to be that Fuu and I had actually gone to that establishment before its untimely demise. It was quite a riot. 'Tis a shame.