Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Raiding Status Update

This may be boring, and I try not to do simply "this is what I'm up to" posts, but I feel like some of you out there may be interested to know where our raid group stands.  Mostly, I think it due to our unique schedule.  Perhaps I'm giving us too much importance, but I feel like we represent the very bottom end of casual raiding (in terms of time spent).  Recap for those that may not know: we only raid for two hours each week.  That's it.  And it works for us.

Case in point: we just downed Nef and Cho'gall last night, leaving only Al'Akir left from the old content.  This, considering we've had to cancel (or 8-man FL trash runs) as often as we've raided over the summer.  Summer is always a rough patch, so I feel like we took it in stride and got a couple new, solid subs hanging around now as a result.

We've pulled each other through dailies and crafted new items for folks.  Thus, we'll likely spend one more week on Al'Akir and then hit the ground running in FL.  We already know the trash.  If we continue with the average amount of time we spend learning a boss, we should be through all the current raid content by Christmas if not sooner.  It may be an optimistic goal, but it's achievable from where I'm sitting.

We're very slightly off the "main" progression path.  That is, our aim is to try to be on current content and finish it just before the next patch.  To me, this is the perfect playstyle.  We're stringing stuff out so that there is always something to do.  We rarely get bored with raiding because there is no farming or downtime.  We also enjoy a lot of other areas in the game.

I'm not saying this as an advertisement for us, but more to broadcast that there are "other" ways than the typical schedules.  We do one night for a scant two hours.  And it works.  We play the game our way, and have a blast doing it.  If you're not raiding right now and want to, don't be afraid to think outside the box.  Chances are you'll find others in the same boat.

Also, sometimes it's interesting to see where you stand with respect to other groups.  I'm sure a lot of people are beyond us, but I'd bet there are just as many that didn't finish off the old content before jumping into FL.  For us, it's a point of pride.  It doesn't matter that the encounters have been nerfed; we just want to say we've "been there."  And we're one boss away from focusing solely on Firelands.  Ragnaros better watch out.


  1. Sadly this will be my 4th week not raiding. I sat out a few times to allow fellow guild-mates to upgrade their gear. Vacation happened. Now we can't seem to get a full 10 people to fill a raid. Hopefully we're not that far behind your guild.. Opening bosses on a number of the original dungeons, but haven't seen the last boss yet on any.

  2. Yeah, summer is rough. We've been really fortunate to only have to cancel a few, and generally not in a row. When you get in a rut of not raiding, it can be really tough to get started again. We had some fits at the beginning of Cata just for that reason: people weren't in the habit.

    Our path is always to start slow, with that one simple 2 hour night a week. Later, when people are into it, we may add second optional nights or focus more on getting five man groups on off days or whatever... but start small.