Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Tequila Monday

I wish I had tequila. Instead, I'm in the office, doing officey things. By that, I mean day-dreaming about killing giant spiders.  (And humming Eagles tunes).  Here are some random, unrelated things to consider:
  • Hot Topic 1: Threat.  I have no feelings about this either way.  I can see both sides of the coin here.  For me, it gives me something to needle Fuu about.  "You got 300% threat and I'm still pulling aggro!"  Course, I was in demon form with immolation aura, shadowflame dot ticking, and ROF'ing all over the place.
  • Hot Topic 2: Trans-googly-moogly.  That stuff wherein you may change the look of your gears (presumably to be implemented with 4.3).  I generally feel positive here.  It's a neat option and I think it'll actually lead to a greater diversity of looks out there.  Aion had this, and it made things visually interesting as toons tended to reflect the tastes of the player more than simply boasting end-game gear.  For every run-of-the-mill tier set, you'll likely have a pirate with an eye-patch.  Or the Monopoly guy (as a Gnome of course).
  • My Topic 1: Demo vs Affliction.  We're getting to the point in the game where I start running as Demo at least 50% of the time.  This generally happens when I feel comfortable with Affliction and simply want the change of pace.  The major difference between the two?  I feel like Demo is still more forgiving.  It was rocky when they first did the talent revamp, but it seems like the Demo rotation has been slowly ironed out.  With Demo being raid viable too, it really gives me an interesting choice.  On nights when I RL (and thus do subpar DPS because my focus is divided), Demo might be there better option.  I feel like with Affliction, you either play hardcore or not at all.  DPS drops off sharply if you're not playing well.  With Demo, the "minimum" (if you will) is set a bit higher.  That's just a personal observation though.
  • My Topic 2: I hate, hate, hate that one change to DK's where our frosty thing has a cast time.  SEE! I can't even remember its name now because of how little I use it (Hungering Cold).  I used to love that spell, but now it's pretty much worthless in PvP.  Or, at least, not nearly as dependable as it once was.
That is all.  Take it easy.  It is Monday, after all.

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