Thursday, August 4, 2011

QotD: Has Anyone Tried Real ID Grouping?

Saga has a good post over at Spellbound in which she talks about feeling Torn. She is referring to the general feeling I think many of us can sympathize with where we have friends or relatives on other servers that we'd love to play with, but we can't ditch our "home," so to speak.  I've been relatively fortunate over the years to be involved enough in my guilds that people have come to me to join up. 

Still, I do have a cousin on another server that helps run a guild as well, and we are always sharing raiding stories at family gatherings.  We've rolled toons on each other's server, but rarely get over there.  We have active guilds and generally not a lot of "free" gaming time; we're always working toward some goal or another. 

Also, I can't count on two hands the number of bloggers I would like to play with from time to time.  There have been several blogger guilds that have sprung up over the last half-decade, and we've generally tried to at least pop in.  They've always been a blast, but short-lived.  I think a lot of that is because people have a hard time being away from "home" for any sort of extended period, no matter how fun the company.

Alleviating this is, I believe, a big reason for the whole Real ID invite option.  I've read some about it, but I've not had an opportunity to try it yet.  It appears to be installed, I think.  When chatting with my cousin once, I was able to right-click her Real ID name and shoot her an invite.  She was busy with a group in a rated BG at the moment, so she couldn't accept.  Thus, we really didn't get to try, but it seemed to be there and functional.

Is there anyone out there that uses this function on a regular basis?  Have you discovered any caveats?  It works with raids, dungeons, and BGs, right?  I've only had a passing curiosity about it, but am looking for some practical experience.  I can't help but think that if the function is smooth and effective, it should do quite a bit to alleviate feeling Torn.  You should be able to have your cake and eat it too.  Unless the cake is a lie because I'm missing something here.  Let me know.


  1. Vidyala over at Manalicious has used it. My understanding is that it works ONLY for 5-man/heroics. BG's and raids are NOT included in the feature. That said, I'm under the impression it works like any normal/LFD grouping. Add people to group, go to dungeon via LFD, kill internet dragons.

    I've only added one blogger to my RealID (Vidyala, coincidentally), but she always play on her wiener alliance characters. :) So all this is what I've read or been told.

  2. Due to the aforementioned reasons, I have actually tried the Real ID grouping (with my brother) and it seems to work quite nicely. I just wish it worked for raids as well, because I'd quite happily help them out when they're a person short if I don't have a raid myself - but I'm not really wanting to have another alt tucked away from my main server where I have all my stuff.

    In a Real ID group you still can't trade items in Heroics. Which I kind of expected, because you can't do it to randoms. But I was surprised that it included some things looted inside the dungeon. The actual loot seemed to work fine within the 2 hour limit, but for some reason they couldn't trade me the little sticks (for getting Mojo in ZA) even though they had been looted that dungeon.

    On the whole though, I'm quite happy about the Real ID grouping - and thinking about it maybe we should do a Real ID event for bloggers where we join up for some randoms :P That'd be kinda cool!

    I just wish it included raids as well. Purely from a selfish standpoint :P

  3. Hmm, I wonder why they can't/won't do BG's/raids. I would love to have that feature. Instances are a good start, but take it the whole way!

    I sort of understand why trading is restricted. It would become something unsavory types use to game AH's and perhaps screw up the isolated economies. I could deal with that (though it'd probably break some loot systems).

    I would totally be in for some blogger dungeons (provided I can find the time). When rolling on other servers for social reasons, I tend to stick with the easiest/most inattentive class to play: the Hunter. I have loads of bastard hunters. Would love to be able to bring my big, bad 'lock. :-)

  4. All of my friends on other servers are Alliance which means I haven't been able to test this baby out. It makes me sad because I would love to play with people from my old server more.

    I think the reason they don't allow BGs is for the simple fact that they probably want people to do guild Rated BGs. I also think another reason is because they don't want massive OP groups dominating BGs and causing QQ.

    But that is just my tinfoil theory.

  5. That's a good point, but I wonder if opening up more "real ID" options wouldn't help guild events. How many more guilds would be emboldened by the safety net real ID friends could provide.

    For example, in our guild, we generally stick to inviting friends along on guild runs. We don't like to subject ourselves to PuGs or PuGs to us (we want people that know what they're getting into). Real ID friends would help us when it comes to noodling out "can we do a second night" or "can we get enough PvP folks for a rated." There's added safety in known numbers.

  6. I could have another real-ID friend that is also running more wiener alliance toons! :)

  7. lol. I'm totally a wiener alliance lover. Let the wiener jokes commence!