Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raid Beats Sleep Every Time

I'm working on a rather heavy theorycrafting post regarding my recent experiments with a cast sequence both on paper and in a raid environment. I was able to run a full clear of Kara as RL, then follow it up the next night with a Gruul's Lair clear and three bosses in SSC (not as RL this time). The second night allowed me to focus a lot more on playing with my rotation both on bosses and trash. As a result, I think I have some good ideas and insight into "Affliction Warlocky WotLK Style."

However, this could prove to be quite a lengthy post, so I may not finish it today, or I may make a two-parter. So stay tuned if that sort of thing interests you.

To tide y'all over, here are some fun screenies from my recent exploits (in no particular order):

We caught a BIG one, then killed it.
Lurker was a particularly rough fight to try and keep a new, complicated spell rotation up, what with the jumping in and out of the water and adds and such. The cool part is if you get positioned so you are not line of sighted when you're under water, you can really go to town while he imitates a power washer. The good news on this fight is you don't have to pay attention to aggro if you're ranged, so just don't get sprayed and you're fine.

The boss formerly know as Prince.

This fight is a good one to just sit and focus on your rotation. Raid leading does not help this cause, but it was still good practice. I love how he died with his mouth open like fish out of water. Had to get a pic of it. I think his eyes should slowly fade after you down him like a Transformer shutting down or something.

Hydross, dispersed.

To me, this fight was sort of ridiculous as a warlock. There is some movement involved, plus some seeding for AoE damage, plus some straight DoTting. It was tough to really get into a rhythm here, but was a lot of fun and my first time. Actually it was my first time in SSC proper. You can see my lovely betrothed playing in the remains.

We decapitated Tidewalker.

This is a great fight to maximize your rotation on. As a ranged caster you pretty much sit in a corner and DPS away. You have to do normal things like watch aggro and keep your mana up, thsu, a good benchmark IMO. The only negative to your DPS should come from being "water tombed". This is where you get to look like Glenda the Good Witch in your blue bubble and can't move or attack. I was pushing a good 950 DPS on this and in the top three in Damage Done. I also felt a lot more comfortable with what I was doing.

Trash in all of the above instances was still pretty awful, though I have some thoughts on that. The only place the warlocks in the raid shined on trash was when we got to AoE. Then... pop! DPS. I suppose this is something to get used to, but I would like to be a wee bit stronger on trash pulls.

I also rolled and won the T4 shoulders, so you may have noticed the profile picture. I didn't take a picture with the "High" King, and Gruul has shown his ugly face before on this blog (once is enough). Like I said, more thoughts to follow on the casting sequence stuff as I get time to craft the post.


  1. Lurker was an awesome fight for ranged DPS. Since I had the most health, I was the Warlock that had to Lifetap to death so the Pally healer could heal me up and grab murloc-aggro on Tidewalker. That killed my DPS T_T. Hydross was tough as Affliction with all the aggro shifting.

    Grats on the T4!

  2. Yeah, Lurker, I got a lot better at that fight as it went on. Gotta get used to the flow of it with the jumping in the water and stuff. Its awesome having no aggro table.

    For Tidewalker, we had two paladin tanks that just sat in the two paths two the group and spammed consecrate to grab the murlocs. Thus no life tapping, so that worked out well for me.

    Hydross was rather tough, though all three of our 'locks were topping the damage (DoTs really help mobility)