Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maleable Macros: Cast Sequence for Aff'locks

I wrote in some previous posts about my "Cast Sequence" macro, so I wanted to show what I've been using. I created this macro to be able to put all my DoTs on one button to make refreshing easier. As I noted previously, I like to add "shortcuts" in there so I can maximize up-time without taking up my entire button bar.

So to start, here is what my button bar actually looks like:

Obviously, I have more buttons scattered around my screen, but these are the "essentials", IMO. From left to right we have: "Shoot" to activate my wand, Shadow Bolt/Soul Fire macro, DoT macro, Fire spells macro, Drain spells macro, Soulshatter, Fear spells macro, Rain of Fire, Seed of Corruption, life tap/fel armor macro, health pot, mana pot. As you can see, this keeps a good majority of my spells at "fingers reach", so if things go south in a battle, I have a number of options available without rearranging bars or anything.

The button of particular interest today is bound to "3", and is my DoT macro. The actual macro text reads like this (feel free to copy and paste it in your own game, choose the ? icon and WoW will automatically insert the next spell up):

/castsequence [nomod] reset=target/ Haunt, Curse of Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life
/cast [mod:Shift] Haunt
/castsequence [mod:alt] reset=target/ Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life

Okay, now lets break this thing down for those of you who aren't "macro savvy".

#showtooltip -> this just allows WoW to display the tooltip of whatever spell is coming up. This is the same tooltip you would see if you moused over a normal button.

/castsequence #1 -> the castsquence command looks for a few things. First, you can specify a modifier button (the default is none if you forget to add it). This is the part in brackets. I specify "nomod" to make it clear, and make sure there is no confusion between WoW and me. The next bit the command looks for is "when do you want to reset the sequence?" There are numerous things you could put in here, but I'm only interested in starting fresh on each target (i.e. whenever you change what you're targeting, the sequence resets), thus "reset=target". You may want to specify other criteria (i.e. reset=10), and I'm not going to pretend to know what all can go in there. In the past, another bit that I've used is to input a number there, which causes the sequence to reset after that many seconds. You can also specify multiple reset conditions, but again, I don't use that a whole lot personally. I'm mainly a fan of using "target". The "/" indicates that your modifier section is done, and now you can just list the spells you want to use in order. This is what finishes of that line for me, tweak this line as you tweak your spell rotation. This is where I'll rearrange things in order to test what works best.

/cast -> the cast command also looks for a modifier. Again, this is specified in brackets and you can see I use the "shift" button for this one. This allows me to quickly refresh Haunt whenever I want by just pressing shift to bring up the button and then clicking on it. Take care depending on what UI you're using, hitting "shift-3" may cause you to rotate to the 3rd action bar, and not cast your spell, which is why I click. Clicking will always work. I mainly use this so I don't have to have an extra button for those times I muck up my normal rotation and need to keep haunt up.

/cast sequence #2 -> similar to the first cast sequence, except this one uses the "alt" key as a modifier. Thus, if I were to hold down "alt" and spam the "3" button, this is the sequence I would expect to occur. This button basically allows me to skip the curse part of my normal sequence, in case I'm responsible for using a different curse (say CotE or CoD). This also comes in handy when you've refreshed haunt, but refreshing CoA isn't ready yet (the last tick hasn't occurred).

I've spoken before about not cutting off CoA, and that remains to be the only DoT that has such a limitation. I was reading some forums yesterday where a Blizz employee (blue-style) commented that Haunt's cooldown is going to be lowered from 10s to 8s and that refreshing before it comes up will caust the previous haunt to return and heal you, the refresh. Thus, clipping isn't an issue for Haunt. This is good for simplifying our cast rotation, as manuevering around CoA is hard enough.

And that is all. Kind of a long-winded explanation, but this is my main button during most fights. As an aff'lock, on most fights you will want to keep up your Dots and fling some s-bolts as much as possible. With my current set up, this lets me use my left hand to do all of these, leaving my right hand to be able to click or look around or whatever with the mouse. For AoE pulls I'll shift my hand over to the AoE section of my bar and play in a similar manner.

Did you find this helpful? What other macros would you like to see? I know when I was looking around for how to do these, it was sometimes difficult to get warlock specific macros. Feel free to comment with questions and perhaps I can explain further.

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  1. Thanks for the add to your blog roll!

    Just stopped by to check out your blog and I'm quite impressed. I'll be adding you to my list as well.

    I've tried my hands at cast sequence macros for Affliction but always went back to just putting the spells on my bar after awhile. For highly mobile fights (Leotheras the Blind, Alar) I'd sometimes have to cut off anything with a cast time like UA which would put the macro at a halt. I suppose I could have put a modifier on UA but I wasn't that smart back then lol.