Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out on a Limb

I wanted to make a quick post about the build I'm choosing to get me to the build I want at 80 and why. This will be the short version, since now that the servers are up, I want to go actually implement it:

Here is my Build at 70:

I tried to get all the heavy hitters for PvE to raid and level without having to respec a bunch. I'm going to steer clear of Amplify Curse and CoEx, because I just don't think they're worth the points. Same with Frailty. I can't see them being all that useful for a PvE raiding/leveling spec. I also passed on Soul Siphon, because I feel that I only use my Drains when either I'm close to dying or the mob is. The new Death's Embrace gives a nice buff to these situations, so I'm guessing that any loss I would feel would be mitigated by this, plus its going to give you a better DPS number in the long run. I passed on Malediction for now because I don't find myself using CotE very much for various reasons. If this is something you use a lot for your raiding, you may want this right now. I plan on getting it on my way to 80. Its the same story with Shadow's Embrace. Its good, just not THAT good. I also didn't fill up Eradication of Fel Concentration, which totals up to the 10 points that separate 70 from 80.

I probably don't need the improved Fear, I just wanted to try it out as I'm often called on to chain Fear mobs, and it looked fun. Those points could probably be better spent filling one of the above. Same with improved Howl of Terror. Those are just the crutches I fall back on when solo'ing. I must point out that when I level, I have a static Pally with me in Fuubaar. This means I don't do a whole lot of solo'ing and she is my personal tank. That makes my decisions a little different than those of you who plan to solo to 80. Keep that in mind, but I still like to have my Fears.

I take one point in Improved Healthstone because I like to be the "odd one". Usually this means my raid can have two stones. This would probably depend a lot on your personal situation. (Edit: I plan on either dropping this point or filling the talent up as the one stone per point rule is no longer in effect. Post patch 3.X, you can only have one stone, period. Thus, this is not really valid anymore.)

I find it very nice that they moved Bane up to Tier 1... thus I'm only spending those 5 points in the Destro tree. Everything seems geared to fire, and I don't do that. Although, to be fair, with all the gear being redone, my spellpower is consistent across all of the types of magic. Before, I was far to Shadow heavy to justify using Fire spells.

All in all, I'm very happy with the love they've shown to the Affliction tree, and I can't wait to try this out. More on spell rotations and stuff later when I have a chance to play with it. My guild is going to try and raid Kara tonight if we can get enough people on to the server at one time and not have everything borked in five minutes.

I'm shooting for a final build at 80 of:

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