Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beginnings: Much Ado About Me

Mission Statement (because every decent project must have a focus): To create an Affliction Warlocky blog for the information and entertainment of others.

Let me see. First, I enjoy writing [typing] and feel like trying my hand at this whole public blog business (I’ve had a personal online journal for some years now). Second, when I am home, I like to play. This leaves downtime at work to do most of my wowsearching and wowreading. My work adores censorship, therefore anything remotely related to WoW and gaming is blocked, except for blogs (don’t ask me why). In any case, I have noticed a distinct lack of active warlocky blogs that focus specifically on the affliction play style. That isn’t to say there aren’t any very good ones out there (there are and I shall link them early and often), but that I normally feel there are things I want to say as well. Finally, there are a handful of people who seem to ask me about being a Warlock and the theorycrafting that goes with it. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but if I’m going to be doing wowsearching and wowreading and wowcommenting and wowthinking, I might as well wowpublish some of it to get feedback and hopefully generate some good thought and discussion about my class of choice. I plan to focus on affliction warlocking mainly, discussing such things such spell rotations, macros, and specs in relation to WotLK and beyond.

Disclaimer (because every good thing has one):
1. I may discuss other things for reasons known mostly to me, but I do so with the intent of fulfilling said mission of this blog. That is, I shall focus on warlocky things, but may stray to other topics as they come up. Do not be concerned, I have medicine for this and it helps.
2. I will try to post 2-3 times per week, but the common misconception about gamers is that we have no life. That is just not the case as y’all know. More on that later.
3. Please maintain a level of respect on here. If you must be mean, I may or may not allow your comments to remain in my realm. With that said, please please please comment on things I get wrong or mess up. My goal is to help, not mislead or pass my word for truth. I try the best I can to understand my class, but not at the expense of fun. Fun has to come first. Fun for me is playing my best, so help me out and maybe we’ll all learn something.
4. I’m going to try to start with discussing things happening now. I was a late comer in TBC and a lot of really smart people covered a lot of it. With WotLK, I feel there is an opportunity to contribute to the wonderful WoW blogging community that I enjoy on a daily basis. Therefore, don’t look to me for TBC expertise, I can only point you to the places I looked.

About me (Fulguralis): I have a Fuubaar. She got me into this mess called “MMORPGs” and is my partner in crime. We are both twenty-somethings that are college educated and trying to build a RL while enjoying our shared hobby. Our MMO roots are in FFXI, but have seen us in many other online games. Apart from that, we play “normal” games as well. Who isn’t up for a good FPS or RTS game now and then? We’re also getting married soon… ding! She happens to be the Light to my Dark and plays a Pally. That may come into play on here. Also, in RL I’m an Engineer, which means I like to think a lot about game mechanics and design. However, I will try not to bore too much with those musings. My goal is to bring some humor and fun to the blogosphere while providing some good information about warlocky things. You can find me burning down mobs on the Lothar server as an Officer in the guild Generations. That is all for now, but I’m sure we’ll get to know each other more as we go along.


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