Friday, October 31, 2008

Hit Me

Here is a good post over at Mystic Chicanery concerning spell hit in WotLK. It's good to know what we're going to have to shoot for. Notice the large number from hit scaling at 80. Also, it has a great list of what spell falls under which category. The important thing to note is that we'll need 432 hit points to cap at 80, or 356 hit points with Suppression specced. That is a LOT of hit points.

Some Thoughts

This makes suppression points all the more worthwhile when you hit 80 until you're spell hit is capped. With the added mana reduction bonus, I may just shoot to cap my hit with suppression taken into account (thus "eating" some destro spell misses). That will allow me to focus on other gear stats such as spell power after getting my hit covered. If you're going to keep points in there anyways for the mana reduction, might as well make the most of 'em.

This also shows another reason why I leave Immolate out normal spell rotation. Until I'm hit capped without suppression, it will miss more than my affliction spells, and thus needlessly hurt my DPS. Although, the same could be said about s-bolt spam, but that's why s-bolts get lowest priority. If you follow the same sense of immolate as a "filler" spell, it probably doesn't hurt to use it. I just wouldn't fret about keeping it up at the expense of other, more useful spells.

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