Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breezy Kara

I ran Kara last night with guildies, and 3.5 hours later... we ran out of bosses. It started slowly at first. With everyone's addons being kaput, we were pretty much flying blind. But, then we just got in "the zone" and were downing mobs and bosses left and right. I'll be honest, we were completely careless. For instance, we pulled Curator while in the middle of killing some of those mana-feeders. Talk about chaos, we had mana-feeders and sparks flying everywhere. Somehow, no wipe, and one very dead Curator later... we were amazed. It felt like almost every class had been buffed across the board. I mean, I know they nerfed Kara boss health and melee power, but we were still seeing higher DPS numbers, better aggro generation (especially my lovely pally companion), and bigger healz.

As a lock, I was extremely out of my element. I used to rely on necrosis for a lot of things, and it is now borked. I got the addon "Dominos" (which I highly recommend if you like such things) and just kinda added stuff on the fly. I will make another post about the spell rotation I settled on soon, but suffice it to say I was almost giddy with noobishness. That is to say, I was just throwing spells left and right and not really worrying about what was "best" or what fit together well. I marveled at the wonderful new animations for our spells! Yay for no more boring faux lightning for drains! A quick view of recount showed me doing on average about 100 more DPS?! How could this be? I hadn't even settled on a spell rotation yet? All I can figure is the love shown to the Affliction tree is definitely paying off.

I got to play a little with the fear mechanism when I was asked to chain fear Roar for our Opera performance. I'm not going to say I'm sold, but the speed reduction was definitely nice when you have a big kitty running across the stage waiting to two shot you into the nether.

I also am in love with Haunt. Being able to shoot a spirit that flies into a mob and then returns with his health 12 seconds later is just plain fun, and why I love being a warlock. I also hardly life tapped or dark pacted. I felt very mana efficient, and when I felt a longing to tap, doing so right before Haunt returns is perfect. It's like cheating when you're 100%, tap, and still 100% but with more mana than before.

Like I said, I will post more about spell rotations, but I really noticed an absence of pure shadow bolt spam. Whereas before, s-bolts could almost account for 50% of our damage, it was almost halved on this run, with bolts only accounting for about 25% of my damage done. I often found it hard to squeeze more than a bolt or two into my DoT rotation. Of this, I approve. GG Bliz, yay more than one finger 'locking!

The only downside to last night was the mess that my UI is in. This is another item I need to work up a post on soon: addons. Right now I'm just feeling out what is working and what I can get away with. The loss of necrosis hurts, but I believe the only things I'll really miss are the friendly warnings for SS and Shadow Trance, as well as the shard manager. I'm sure I can get that stuff elsewhere. All the other buttons I can fabricate with Dominos and key bindings.

Oh, and I had always wanted to use my felhunter even before they buffed it in the patch. I have just always enjoyed the utility of it. Now, I have good reason to. The raid wide buff is nice, and I think they tweaked the AI of the pets some, as my puppy seemed much more well behaved. He seemed to "know" when to attack and when to stay without me having to order him around so much. I will have to do more expericrafting and wowreading about this some time, 'cause it could just be me, but maybe Felpup FTW? Also, if you have two locks, it may be great to have one with an Imp and one with the Felpup to get the "good stuff".

Look for less rambling posts soon on topics such as the following:
-Insane or Insightful: A revisit of why I left out some of the talent points I did.
-State of the UI: Why I'm addicted to addons.
-Spellstones: Worth paying attention to?!
-Spell Rotations and You: Digital Limitations Included.

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