Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's Be Hasty

I came across some really intriguing research this past weekend and wanted to share it with y'all. This also kind of ties in to my musings about the spellstone yesterday.

With a looming expansion and a drastic patch, the WoW community is often reminded quite poignantly that we are not the true lords of our domain. That is to say, we must acknowledge the presence of our benevolent creators. Yes, I'm talking about the Blizz. Those blue-faced fellows that hold the keys to our future.

We puzzle: "What do the blue gods have in store for us?" What changes will they bring to our class, to our raids, to our environment, to our arenas?

Blue has been notorious for offering little as an oracle. We take what nibblets we can find and gobble them up and attempt to extricate truth. We do this in an attempt to predict the future of our gaming experience, in order to be better prepared for the change that lies ahead.

Which brings me to my little nugget. A very astute poster on the Warlock's Den thought of a clever way to "see into the minds of Blue". You see, each class has a tier set of armor created by the Blue man group. Thus, if we look at what that gear is "geared" for, we could maybe draw some conclusions about what the powers-that-be see in the future for our class. This is the basis of the little tidbit I now link.

If you follow that link you will some some very pretty bar graphs comparing stats for the tiered sets in TBC and WotLK. It is no news to Warlocks that Stamina will continue to be an important stat to us. Of interest, however, is the heaviness of Haste on the Warlock sets. What does this mean for 'locks? Are we going to see more benefits from this Haste? Could be.

Additional evidence can be found in the aforementioned spellstone. When I first read the tooltip, I was like "1% damage, cool, I'll take it" and skipped right over the bonus Haste. In the past, Haste hasn't been all that exciting for Warlocks in general. Sure its nice, but, like spirit, it can be ignored in favor of "more applicable" stats such as Crit, Hit, and Spell Power. Is this going to change?

Probably not, but we did see some bonus from Spirit in our reworked talent tree as aff'locks. While some argued that consolidating to Spell Power and other gear changes would result in a homogenization of gear, and thus less fulfilling game play, I offer that perhaps the intricacies of gear choice are now going more customizable by chosen spec. That is to say, instead of where one piece of armor was good for ALL affliction 'locks (or even locks in general), maybe we'll see further break down: it's good for all locks with a specific talent choice. This makes things a lot more interesting, IMO.

Like all forward looking statements, all of the above is subject to change. It may be complete BS. But if you dig game mechanics like I do, posts like I linked get your wheels spinning in a good way. Complex are the minds of the Blue and the ways of WoW.

If you're looking for a quick answer. I think I'm going to start using the spell stones now, as I think it may do me better than the Wizard Oil I normally use. I haven't really compared DPS and don't have any numbers to back that up, its just nice to be able to use something you create for free (basically). Has anyone done the math to figure out which is better? I look forward to someone else's number crunching so I can read it :-).

Haste can be addicting too, but perhaps I should follow the old saying: "Let's not get too hasty." I mean, we have enough on our minds right now, no?

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