Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is Hard

I've written about the value of short naps before, or short breaks from the game. Memorial Day weekend was one such opportunity for a well-designed micro-break. Fuu and I traveled all the way to Ansted, West Virgina, meeting up with several friends in a cabin and having a time of it. Ever year around this time, we try to hole ourselves up with our besties somewhere and enjoy a bit of nature, board games, and drinking. Typically, due to our various locations in the world, the geographical center plops us somewhere in West Virgina. The mountain area is beautiful, so it works.

In any case, this is an unplugged (though even most cabins seem to have wi-fi nowadays) and refreshing weekend that we wouldn't give up for the world.  If only they could figure out RL porting, as neither Fuu nor I care much for the 7 hour drive.  Being cooped up in a vehicle is always just about as fun as you think.

I have to travel again this coming weekend (on Friday), but I'm going to try and pre-write some fiction so that I don't get into the habit of skipping.  Summer is hard.  Which brings me to point two (if there ever was a first point): take it easy on your guilds right now.  We're officially in Summersville (ironically, we visited Summersville Lake in WV).  That means that people aren't going to be around as much.  It's natural.  In fact, I daresay it's healthy.

Also, take it easy on your bloggers.  We shall endeavor to continue to offer the fine (or not so fine) content that we're known for, but there will likely be somewhat less of it.  Rejoice, for this means we are likely out there experiencing more and refilling out creative reserves to come back better, faster, and stronger word-wise than before.  For instance, I now have about seventeen different ways to describe clusters of foliage on the side of a mountain (None better than my observation that, if it weren't for the colors, I wouldn't be able to tell where the forest ends and the clouds begin up there.  I mean, isn't that pretty?  D'awww.  Fuu always looks at me like I'm special: "Yeah, it's pretty f-in cool.  Watch the felling road.  You're making me sick.")  Also, I have a great mental image (and digital as soon as I get around to emptying my phone) of the largest single arch span in the Western Hemisphere.  The fact that I kept wanting to yell "RELEASE THE RIVER" probably speaks a bit to my inventive state of mind as well.  I mean, doesn't everyone look at such a structure and think "I wonder what happens if a bunch Ents were to destroy a giant dam upriver from this and a huge wall of water were rushing downward to my position?" 

So, yeah, this is my service announcement that Summer is officially here and so be nice and all that junk.  Not like, be nice in game.  No, go on corrupting and cackling there.  Just don't bludgeon the poor writers/guildmates who are coming out of their winter caves, squinting at the sun, and thinking: "Gee, I'll bet it would really suck to be a bear emerging from hibernation on Tatooine, what with having two suns and all."  That, and they're probably hungover.

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