Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Quick Monday Updates

On Saturday morning we got a last minute invite to the Twisted Nether Blogcast 4.1 roundtable that took place Saturday night. Hence, I couldn't really give any warnings on here about our inclusion. However, if you were there live, or if you end up downloading the cast when it comes out later this week sometime, you'll notice that both Fuu and I were there. It was a great discussion covering just about everything with 4.1, so if you're interested or just want to hear our lovely voices, check it out. I wasn't as sick and Fuu wasn't as drunk this time (though she does get in a pretty good Pally rant).

The other quick news item is that I updated my DK primer over there on the left. I still need to do some research as far as pet choice goes for Affliction 'locks (I'm suspecting we'll want to officially change to the Felhunter now, but I haven't chased down the numbers). The DK changes were easy. Basically, with Blood Runes now being permanently converted to Death Runes as part of one off our talent choices, I just removed it from consideration in my rotation/priority system. Otherwise, I'm still taking the same basic approach to a PvP/BG/Daily spec. Nothing groundbreaking.

I'll try to see what we have out there as far as Aff'lock pets go tonight, so look for a quick update to that guide tomorrow. I also did a little bit of modifying on the Zul'Gurub short strats, as I've now been through that place twice and wanted to tweak them just a bit. Nothing major there, just minor wording changes that I think make them a small bit clearer. Is anyone finding those helpful? I did add a page for them on the left so that hopefully they can be easy to find as they begin to get buried in other posts.

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  1. I did pick up a few other DK things that I missed from Amber at I Like Bubbles (

    - I believe we should be using Unholy Presence
    - Haste is now a more important stat

    I've updated my guides to reflect this.