Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Always a Warlocky Prank

Fulguralis cracked open the metal top on the large cauldron and peeked inside. Rummaging around a bit, his hand came back clutched around a flask of green liquid. He turned and held it up, flashing a cheesy smile at a very upset Dwarf.

"It's for your own felling good," Jessabelle growled.

The Warlock popped the stopper out of the flask and examined the contents. He'd forgotten again and the Flask Schnotzy had caught him. The angry little Dwarf spun away in a whorl of priestly robes and stalked away from him. No doubt she was going over to berate the Mage about forgetting to choke down some Sagefishhead or something.

"She's right, you know," his wife chimed in. "If you'd done your raid-prep like a good Warlock, it probably would have made that defense system a whole lot easier."

"Aha! There it was again." Fulguralis held up a finger. "Good. Warlock. See anything wrong there?"

Green flame shot from the Warlock's fingers. A nearby critter was reduced to a pile of ash. Fulgurlais cackled to the crackle.

Fuubaar rolled her eyes. "You're sooo evil, I forgot. Glad you could handle such a worthy foe. What would I ever do without you?"

Fulguralis glowered. "Shut up. It's not like we didn't manhandle those overgrown buckets of bolts in the other room."

"It was an automated defense system. And don't forget the giant, flaming worm."

"Yes, of course, big bloody worm. Dead."

"Fire, not blood."

"Right. Still, we put 'em both down easily," Fulguralis noted.

"But it would have been even easier had you taken the time to prep," Fuubaar countered.

Fulguralis shrugged.

Fuubaar shot him a sly smile. "I think you're just pissed 'cause you forgot. This isn't some sort of Warlocky prank. You're just getting oooold."

"Shut up," Fulguralis said.

Fuubaar stuck out her tongue.

"C'mon guys," Jessabelle yelled. "Let's focus and finish Maloriak off. He's about to throw another one of his colored vials into that cauldron of his."

"Man," Fulguralis said. "Everyone's an alchemist."

Fuubaar gave a dramatic yawn and then clanked off to hack at the overgrown Imp. Fulguralis tossed back his own flask, draining the green liquid in one, long gulp. He flipped the empty container over he shoulder. It shattered with a satisfying crash, and then the Warlock trotted off to join the rest of the team.

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