Thursday, May 12, 2011

Demonology 4.1 Update

I went ahead and did a quick skim/update of my Demonology Primer. This one was a bit quicker to do than my Affliction side since it's more basic. Also, I don't think there were any major changes to Demonology that would affect rotation and the like. You still should be trying to do the same basic things.

The biggest change is that the Felguard should be the pet of choice now. For a while, the Succy was beating the big guy in a pure DPS race, but I don't believe that to be the case with 4.1. I glyphed Lash of Pain before, and now I swapped that back to Felguard as noted in the primer.

Additionally, I made the same swap I did in my Affliction guides for stats where I rely primarily on Ask Mr. Robot. You can pop the stat values given there into Pawn and still make use of the addon for something in game, but I've had nothing but great results using the resource. I don't see a reason to try and do things the hard way when there's a reliable tool available. The major difference between Affliction and Demonology stat priorities is that Mastery is given a slightly higher rating than Crit (in Affliction they're the same weight). Otherwise, the hierarchy looks pretty similar, though the specific contributions (scalars) vary a bit.

Anyways, if you've been running Demo, give it a look. Let me know if there's anything I messed up. I haven't had the chance to run this spec all that much in Wrath (what with the de-emphasis on AoE and all), but I wanted to keep up with the tree changes and keep offering the primer. The Demo spec can be a whole lot of fun, and can really help you get in touch with your inner Warlock. These days, I'm primarily using it for the odd quest/daily.


  1. Thanks! I've been putting off playing my lock since she dinged 85 (I forget how long ago).
    I've preferred demo for ages and never even tried aff (just being stubborn).
    I'm sure this will help me get my head back in the right place.

  2. No problem. And definitely let me know if you notice something off!

  3. Hi Fulguralis, just wanna say a quick BIG thank you for your effort put into this blog, it has helped me heaps even "tried" to start one myself but got a tonne of neg comments back so binned it lol.
    Anyway, just wanna point out one thing, with the Demo spec, ive noticed a huge dps increase by using the Felpup on most fights, ii still use the guard on AoE fights but the puppy is awesome for us.

  4. This is a lifesaver for me as well. I have been rolling as Affliction because I did not have a reliable/tested resource for Demo spec.

    I too love Demo for all the fun it brings to the table and have missed playing my Lock since Cataclysm. Thanks.

  5. No problem guys, glad I could help. Sorry it wasn't quicker (since it got eaten and all.

    Interesting about the Felpup. I have a hard time believing that Blizz intends it that way. If I get a moment, I will try to see what EJ or the Den has to say about that.

  6. No problem mate, keep up the good work. I was the same after 4.1 come out i had "beleived" that our best pet "should" of been the Felguard but ive read it from the den, on skada the pup does about 26% off my damage!!! i couldnt believe it!

  7. Is there a specific way you have to spec/glyph? Like in the past with the Succy, glyphed she was the best, but if you didn't glyph her the difference wasn't that big. (Side note: makes me think they balance pets without taking glyphs into account...)

  8. Sorry, been hard at work.
    No i havent glyphed the pup in, my Primes are as per norm:
    The felpup glyph only heals him when you use Devour Magic so its nothing to help with DPS.
    Anyway ive changed to the guard now since our mage has changed spec making the Fel Int useless but in saying that ive played around with my spec and forges so im not 100% on the difference now.

  9. Im on my character now, so i'll do some test dummie runs and see the diff and post ya back

  10. Cool, thanks. Definitely let us know how it goes.

  11. Right, ive gone of track with Single Target Dmg and the pup i would like too withdraw my comments about the pup being top for Demo lol, im not too sure if it was my Raid setup or how ive reforged (Started using RAWR over the weekend).
    Anyway, ive done three different runs, lasting the full duration off CoE, Meta/Trinkets on CD, and i used my Iternal since i was hitting three dummies.
    I know that running on the dummies isnt the best idea but im not too flash on the Simcraft like the bigdogs in EJ but it works for me i guess haha.

    First is with fellpup:

    Skada: Skada: Lotzadots's Damage for Current fight, 1. Lotzadots (18655.5)
    Skada: Pryygrom: Shadow Bite 1.46M (25.8%)
    Skada: Shadow Bolt 1.10M (19.6%)
    Skada: Immolate 517.5K (9.2%)
    Skada: Immolation 411.0K (7.3%)
    Skada: Infernal: Immolation 369.8K (6.6%)
    Skada: Corruption 335.1K (5.9%)
    Skada: Pryygrom: Attack 314.8K (5.6%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan 311.1K (5.5%)
    Skada: Bane of Doom 283.7K (5.0%)
    Skada: Incinerate 191.8K (3.4%)
    Skada: Infernal: Attack 119.7K (2.1%)
    Skada: Shadowflame 79.8K (1.4%)
    Skada: Ebon Imp: Attack 73.9K (1.3%)
    Skada: Infernal Awakening 48.3K (0.9%)
    Skada: Volcanic Destruction 23.4K (0.4%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan: Curse of Gul'dan 0.0K (0.0%)
    Skada: Summon Infernal 0.0K (0.0%

    With Felguard (Unglyphed) Felstorm on CD:

    Skada: Skada: Lotzadots's Damage for Current fight, 1. Lotzadots (20643.5)
    Skada: Shadow Bolt 1.24M (19.6%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Felstorm 903.3K (14.3%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Legion Strike 624.8K (9.9%)
    Skada: Immolate 595.1K (9.4%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Attack 420.2K (6.6%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan 404.7K (6.4%)
    Skada: Immolation 394.8K (6.2%)
    Skada: Infernal: Immolation 392.3K (6.2%)
    Skada: Corruption 374.4K (5.9%)
    Skada: Incinerate 334.6K (5.3%)
    Skada: Bane of Doom 294.2K (4.7%)
    Skada: Infernal: Attack 125.1K (2.0%)
    Skada: Infernal Awakening 73.3K (1.2%)
    Skada: Shadowflame 67.2K (1.1%)
    Skada: Ebon Imp: Attack 62.1K (1.0%)
    Skada: Volcanic Destruction 21.8K (0.3%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan: Curse of Gul'dan 0.0K (0.0%)

    Felgaurd Glyphed:

    Skada: Skada: Lotzadots's Damage for Current fight, 1. Lotzadots (21665.5)
    Skada: Shadow Bolt 1.27M (19.3%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Felstorm 942.8K (14.3%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Legion Strike 771.0K (11.7%)
    Skada: Immolate 572.6K (8.7%)
    Skada: Immolation 513.2K (7.8%)
    Skada: Krenkorill: Attack 505.7K (7.7%)
    Skada: Infernal: Immolation 408.1K (6.2%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan 384.0K (5.8%)
    Skada: Corruption 373.1K (5.7%)
    Skada: Bane of Doom 328.7K (5.0%)
    Skada: Shadowflame 148.7K (2.3%)
    Skada: Infernal: Attack 134.7K (2.0%)
    Skada: Incinerate 92.6K (1.4%)
    Skada: Infernal Awakening 59.0K (0.9%)
    Skada: Ebon Imp: Attack 54.6K (0.8%)
    Skada: Volcanic Destruction 24.5K (0.4%)
    Skada: Hand of Gul'dan: Curse of Gul'dan 0.0K (0.0%)

    So it does proof i was wrong haha, fel guard is better :-) but one thing i am suprised at is how much damage the pup does so that was my reason for the pup staying out :-)
    Some nice bit of info for ppl to look over anyway i guess.

  12. Thanks for the data. Like I said, I found it hard to believe, but it's good to have some backup.