Monday, May 23, 2011

Done with Four One?

The honeymoon was sweet while it lasted, but I think I'm already back into a holding pattern waiting for new content.  I've run Zx enough that they're "just another heroic."  Don't get me wrong, I could still cash in on a ZA timed run or gather some more maelstrom crystals for the big enchants down the road, but, to me, that's sort of like "topping it off."  Those are the random things I'll knock out in the meantime.

Overall, I liked 4.1.  When we were on the TNB roundtable, I said that I wanted to reserve my judgement until later, so as to see when they drop 4.2.  I'm going to go on record now and urge a 4.2 drop in the next month.  If I'm sitting at my keyboard at the end of June and 4.2 hasn't dropped, I'm going to be a little peeved.  With the information already flowing, I have high hopes.  My point here is just that 4.1 didn't have a whole lot to do, but they assured us that they were going to follow a more aggressive release strategy.  Let's see that put into practice, Blizz.  4.1 is pretty much cashed at this point for a lot of people I think.

One of the big things I'm waiting on is a PvP incrementation.  Even before the 4.1 "speed up" of honor gains, I was pretty much PvP geared.  Now, I have every piece "Bloodthirsty" and all that remains is to try in vain to save up Conquest Points for the occasional epic.  That's another "topping off" activity in my eyes.  I'd like to be able to epic out my PvP toon now with PvP gear. 

That, and I'd like my TNB suggestion to come to fruition: Make the daily random PvP reward weekly just the same as the PvE stuff.  That'd help ease my Conquest woes, and I don't see why it can't be done. 

As for raid gear/content, I'm okay with waiting a bit for that.  Our group is making slow but steady progress.  I'm actually not one of the ones itching for the new raid content, but I wouldn't mind the gear boost.  Still, I think 4.1 did a great job of helping some of the more casual among us of filling our gear out with epics.  I've gotten a lot of upgrades in the past several weeks.  I actually have a good number of Best In Slot items, which is something I could never say before.  I've really enjoyed the gearing path in Cataclysm.  It has felt well tuned for PvE. 

Still, I'm done with Baradin's Hold.  Exalted with everyone (including Gilneas), and pretty heroic'ed out.  The guild challenges have helped push us to do some, but really they've also pushed us to do regulars on other toons.  To check out some alts and stuff.  So I'd say that's a positive and unexpected side effect.  It makes "alt runs" feel a lot more rewarding.  Still, I'm ready for a new set of dailies.  (I actually don't mind dailies).  I'd also like to see some of the BH token rewards get offered for gold.  Or maybe you could just buy tokens.  They can be hella expensive, that's fine, I just want another option besides doing those same quests for the billionth time.  I mean grinding them to exalted and then getting your one or two pieces... that's fine.  That's the purpose of dailies.  But I what about some of the nice, fun items?  They're so expensive and I'm sitting on a stock pile of gold simply from doing those dailies.  I'm not a AH player.  I'm not a gold hoarder.  But it would be nice to be able to cash some of that in for tokens.  You could even put a daily limit on that if you wanted, I don't care.

Anyway, those are just some of my ideas for the future.  Looking back is only good insofar as you use it to learn.  Mostly, 4.1 was fun and well done.  I'm ready for more fun and well done, even if it's not raid content.  Is it weird that I'd like to just have more "major" patching, quicker, but not necessarily with added raids?  I feel like they've done a great job of making the "rest" of the game fun again, and I'd just like more of that.  I'm okay with regurgitated five mans.  Hell, it could be fun if they all had a heroic, top level option, released in pairs monthly or something.  (It'd only be worth it if it were quick and didn't preclude the eventual release of true new stuff).

Until 4.2 drops, I'll be topping off my toons.  Valentis, my Worgen Druid might get some love.  Also, I'll dip back into the addictive timesink of Civ V.  My goal is to "beat" the game by winning on all difficulty levels.  I'm one away from that (only have Immortal left). 

What did you find you desire in 4.1?  Are you ready for 4.2?  Do you "top off?"  This inquiring mind wants to know.


  1. I had a pretty hefty comment to this and it decided to time out when I submitted it. Doh.

    The TL;DR version is that I agree with you that there wasn't enough content in 4.1 to hold over until 4.2, especially seeing that the new raid JUST went in to boss testing I think. I don't see the new content hitting us until at least July.

  2. Yeah, it's going to be rough to just wait. Then again, with the summer malaise hitting, I'm not sure how much it makes a difference. Still, not having content is worse than having it and not having people I think.

  3. Summer has always been the bane of raiding, yeah. So I suppose you're right. It's already hit us pretty hard and we haven't raided for weeks.