Friday, May 6, 2011

No Story Today

Sorry. I'm taking a week off. My creative well feels dry for some reason, and I don't want to just go through the motions. Generally I don't even like writing apology posts like this, but I know there are a good number of people that look forward to these stories and I appreciate that a ton. End result is I always feel a bit guilty hiding quietly in my shadowy corner, but sometimes you just need to Harvest Souls.

As a consolation prize, I'd like to offer some "insider" news.

For those that aren't all that interested in my fiction and are just here for the Warlockery. I'm updating the guides. I looked at them, and decided they needed a lot of work. Especially the pet choice/stat priority guide (which I've temporarily taken down). My spec is still the same, though I made some very minor edits to that guide and it's up and good to go. The rotation part had a little more of a gutting, though I believe I've gotten that one fixed and up now as well. I'm going to try to finish up the third part over the weekend and plan to post a "summary of changes" post next week. Then I'll need to tackle the Demonology Primer. Yikes!

For those that are interested in my fiction, I two pieces of news that I hope are as exciting to you as they are for me.

First, Fuu and I are working hard to get all of my IC Friday posts compiled into a format fit for e-readers. There is a lot of grunt work involved in this, plus I want to do some basic editing and maybe write some new parts to kind of make things flow more smoothly. I plan to make it sort of a novella, and hopefully find a nice "ending point" for the first installation. I already have a solution figured out that will allow you to download the file for free directly from the site here. I'd been approached by several people asking about this, and I just wanted to let you know that we have all the parts together to make that into reality. We just have to get the time to do it (and I want to do it well).

Second, part of the reason I've been so starved for time is that I've been working on a second, "secret" project. This may not come as a surprise, but I really enjoy writing fiction. And while I don't have leave to produce novels in Blizzard's universe, I can most certainly produce stories of my own creation. This is what I've done. Yep, I'm going to try to make it as a middling author. While I've been writing for years (and have one novel almost ready for release), only in the last five months have Fuu and I delved seriously into the thoughts of publishing these ourselves. It was always sort of a pipe dream for me, but with e-readers building steam, I figure why not now? I enjoy writing, and I think there are people out there that enjoy reading what I write. I'm not looking to be the next Kindle Millionare or anything, but I would like to some day be able to devote more time to writing. At this point in time, it's completely reasonable to self-produce for a small audience (and hope it grows!). That's our plan, and if it's something you're interested it, you can find out more over at my author website.

This venture is still in its infancy, and I'm working to get small posts up and really get the blog off the ground. The progress of my projects can be seen over there, as well as musings on what I'm doing and why. If you've enjoyed my fiction, I would love to see you over there. I'm planning to rely pretty exclusively on word of mouth to sell anything, and I'm doing this because I love doing it, and I'd like to learn and improve. This means succeeding with the reader, and that means I really want to hear from you. What do you want to see? How does your creative process differ from mine? What can I improve on? That's the type of readership I'm looking to build over there.

I have been amazed and enormously grateful with the people that found me here at this blog. It grew beyond my meager expectations and evolved into something where I've been able to connect with a lot of really awesome people. I can't believe how active and helpful commenters have been around here. I feel like I've dodged a whole lot of trolls (which, let's be honest, is pretty common when talking about WoW), and I feel like I have great readers to thank for that.

I'm hoping to build on the success here over in my other blog. I know not everyone is interested in fiction that has nothing to do with WoW, and that's fine. A lot of you may not be interested in the genre(s) I'm writing too. But if only some of you awesome folks get involved over there with general fiction as well, it could be a whole lot of fun.

Anyways, thank you for reading. Sorry for no fiction today. I hope some of the above excites you. It has certainly excited both Fuu and myself.


  1. Excitement!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. I'm a bit slow but I finally followed your link over there and added you in Google Reader. That's also me (Darren Stalder) that added you in Google+.