Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I read this over at WoW Insider from Nethaera:

"With the upcoming content patch, 10- and 25-person Normal mode raid encounters will be receiving a comprehensive set of tuning adjustments to decrease their difficulty.

These changes will allow players, groups, and guilds who have yet to experience the content in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the the Four Winds an opportunity to do so.

With the addition of a new tier of armor and weapons, we want to make the previous tier more accessible in ways other than just a shift of currency type, so we are making item level 359 gear purchasable for Justice points in the upcoming content patch."

I wonder how they'll be tuned. Decreases in health? Removable of abilities? It is my hope that they do this how they did ICC: with an un-clickable buff. We would likely use the buff, but I think it's good to have the option.

Also, I believe that last paragraph means that we'll be able to purchase that other tier pieces that were, until 4.2, merely drops. It took me a couple times through to glean that message. That's good stuff, too.

Like I said, I'm ready for 4.2, and I like this idea of retro-tuning to keep groups like mine moving. It should also help a bit with the usual summer slowdown. Hopefully they don't take forever to release the patch.


  1. If this means I don't have to wait until Cho'gall bites it to finally get a decent pair of healbot bracers, I'm all for it... :p

  2. I hear ya. I wish there were more low-hanging fruit, but this is a good way to do that too.

  3. From the link below, the adjustment is not like the buff from ICC where you can turn it off or keep it on but rather a change to the bosses in the raid. Looks like a 20% reduction to HP across the board for all the bosses and various % reduction to their damage.


  4. Thanks for the link. I wish it were more... configurable?