Monday, March 21, 2011

Short Naps Do Wonders

We took a break from RL this weekend and binged on Civ V. To be honest, I don't know how else to play the game beside in epic marathon installments. It's just not a game we can sit down and play for an hour at a time. An hour inevitably becomes four and then... whoops... the sun is coming up. Fuu and I approach these sorts of gaming sessions as breaks from the real world. Every so often, I think it's healthy to just put your responsibilities on hold, turn off the phone, and lose yourself in some good, old fashioned global conquest.

Unless you have kids. In that case, don't buy Civ V. It'll cause mass starvation that no amount of water tiles can cure. Or researching fertilizer.

Civilization is an odd game for me. Generally, we get it for the "LAN party" capability. It's sort of like having board gaming night and playing Risk, except digital. Sometimes my brothers will be over and we'll involve them. Almost always, we drink.

Civ V gave me quite a scare upon first purchase because they "encourage" you to buy two copies in order to play LAN style. This is, quite frankly, bollocks. I own all of the computers in my house and feel like I should be able to install the game on each of them and it should be playable. That's the whole reason we buy the game. It's not like WoW or any other online game where we're using their servers. We're perfectly content to do it ourselves.

Let me say, I can totally understand requiring two copies for online play. I don't really take issue with that. Especially if the online play is free. That's sort of how you'll make your money. But to include and advertise a LAN option and then not let you play with your wife and brothers? Ludicrous. (Fortunately, there is a semi-hack way around it, which salvaged the game for us. Unfortunately, they won't let us play the Azeroth map without even more hacking, which I'm disinclined to do. And yes, there is an Azeroth map.)

There's not really a point to this post other than that it's Monday, and we spent the weekend taking a break from WoW. We didn't log in. Didn't do dailies. Didn't "keep up." We take these "short naps" from time to time, and I've found that they go a long way to staving off any sort of burn out. (YMMV, of course.) It's not a bad thing to power nap. It's better than just complaining, IMO. Take a break, gain a fresh perspective.

I think a lot of folks have been doing this recently with the whole Rift thing. Maybe it'll turn into more than a break, but I don't feel threatened by that. After all, the point was made that even if Rift pulls a couple million players away (which would be a huge success), we'll still have a good chunk (to the tune of 9 million?) left. It just reinforces my belief that WoW can and will only be dismantled by WoW. That is, Blizzard will say when it's over by stopping to produce content.

For me, it's always been about the people. Where my friends are. As long as they're in WoW, I'll be there. It'll be tough to get us all to move away too. We have a good thing going. Not saying it can't happen, but it's just unlikely. That's the challenge any WoW-killer really faces... how to entice whole groups away. Maybe "free trials" for guilds. Maybe interfacing with WoW in such a way that you can still "stay in touch" (meaning it would have to be a Blizzard endeavor probably... their secret project?) . I don't know. It's a huge task. Until then, short naps do wonders for your energy. Don't be afraid to take them.

Just some random Monday thoughts from someone hellbent on world domination.

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