Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OmNomNom... itron.

I have to admit, I was a bit jealous of the Bear earlier in the week. I mean, some of us have been toiling away for months over here, and he strolls in all casual like and passes us up in progression in just one day! Also, to add insult to injury, he did it on his hunter.

Fortunately, we downed Omni last night for the first time as well, knotting the score, as it were. Not that there's any sort of race going on, just... he hasn't raided in forever. He usually doesn't even write about raiding. And he then steps in. And on a hunter. And. Just. Blech.

Having now experienced it successfully as well, I feel I'm properly prepped to critique his strategy guide. (Okay, it's not a strat guide, I'm just being a little flippant here. Bear with me. HA... get it?)

So, today I proudly present the Campbell's Condensed Soup Version of Big Bear Butt's Bearwall Strategy for the Omnitron Defense System Fight And Stuff.

(The author of this post acknowledges that all trademarks are used without permission and completely without endorsement. Except for Omnitron. They gave their permission. I swear).

Here's the strat:

1. Avoid bad shit.
2. Stand in the circle that looks like Rainbow Road and sing Dreamweaver. And by sing I mean DPS more.
3. /flail
3.5. Switch Targets
4. Avoid bad shit.
5. Run away. Just run away.
5.5. Switch Targets
6. Who's interrupting the.... oh, nvm.
6.25. Switch Targets
8. Avoid bad shit.
9.1. Switch Targets.
9.2. Don't stand in th-Switch Targets.
9.3. Avoid th- Switch Targets.
9.4 Switch Tagets
10. Swi- Nope, they're dead.
11. Yes. All of them.
12. We're sure. You can breathe now.
13. ???
14. Win sweet fiery hood and become a real Warlock. (Thanks Blasty).



  1. Grats on the kill and the hood!

    *grumble grumble* That stupid hood STILL hasn't dropped for me when I've been on my lock.

  2. HOORAY!!!!!! Grats on your kill... and on your guide, I'll need to follow that next time.

  3. It's not all that different from yours. Just a bit easier to relay over vent. :-D

  4. Wow! Nice post.I will follow these steps.Hope it will work. Thanks for posting.Godbless us.