Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Welcoming

Fulguralis and Fuubaar stepped out of the portal an onto the cobblestone plaza. Other portals ringed them, swirling with an shimmering, ethereal promise of exciting adventures in far off places. Fulguralis, however, had had enough excitement for now. He was glad to be home.

As they headed away from the traveling grounds and into the city of Stormwind proper, he was struck by how different everything looked. It wasn't just that there was a charred section of the city back where the Park should have been - Fulguralis expected that much - it was just that everything seemed somehow sharper, shinier. It was as if the Titans had stopped by in the Warlock's absence to give the city a facelift and a paint job. Fulguralis brushed it off as a product of his near-death experience.

They had hardly set foot in the northern square of the Dwarven district when they encountered someone familiar. Abigora stood forlornly on a street corner, reading a book, surrounded by crates. Something shimmered inside of the wooden boxes as Fulguralis and Fuubaar approached.

"Gems, Abi?" Fuubaar asked.

The Priest looked up from her book and blinked. "Fuubaar! You're all right. And what's more, you've brought back a Warlock. The Warlock, if I may say so. Most curious that. By my calculations, he should be dead."

"Nice to see you too, Abi," Fulguralis nodded. "You might sell more of those gems if you, you know, actually tried to sell them."

Abigora frowned down at the boxes, and then back up at them. "Aho. A Gilnean too it seems."

"'ello there," Valentis said, stepping out from behind the couple. "I'll just be, ah-"

"You!" A shrill voice screeched through the air.

Where before there had been the constant drone of background conversations, vendors hawking their wares, and the general bustle of the city, now it was as if the voice had sluiced the sound out of the very air. There was silence. Even the usual clang of hammer on anvil in the Dwarven district was absent. The denizens in the square were all turned, staring at the source of the sound.

"You!" Decedereful repeated.

She stomped across the placid plaza toward where Fulguralis was standing with his wife, the Priest, and the Gilnean. With each step, it seemed like an entire dune of sand spilled out onto the stone pavers that made up the street. The Death Knight didn't seem to notice the fact that she was leaving an entire beach behind her. Her burning blue eyes were boring holes in the the group, even narrowed as they were.

Fulguralis could only stare stupidly as she clomped up. He mouthed a single question - me? - when she was only a half dozen steps away. She didn't answer. Her eyes were fixed... passed him?

Even as Fulguralis mind struggled to put the pieces of the scene before him together, his sister strode confidently past him with a raised fist. She punched Valentis squarely in the face. Fulguralis gaped. He pointed as his fuming sister, then at his wife, then at himself, eyes flitting between them all. Fuubaar and Abigora had no answers for him, they both stood with shock written plainly on their faces as well. Finally, Fulguralis turned back around and pointed at the Gilnean, who was even know picking himself up off the cobblestones.

"Dece, um, I'm over here," Fulguralis said.

Decedereful whirled to regard him with smoldering orbs, "Oh, I'll get to you in a second, but first..."

"Dece, if you will just..." Valentis began.

"No. You don't get to explain," Decedereful raged. "A big, bad dragon shows up... and... and off you go! Not even a good bye kiss! I thought Gilneans were supposed to be charming and thoughtful and romantic and sweet. Not to mention the fact that you lied to me. That you pretended to be just an ordinary solider. No! Not. Even. A. Kiss."

Valentis had stood up. He struggled for words, "Yes well, you see... I was just... and then... Ysera...." He trailed off staring blankly ad the Death Knight. "Oh, toss it," he said. Then he grabbed her around the waist, pulled her in, and kissed her.

Decedereful fought for a moment, but it was obvious her heart was not in it. Especially not after the punch she'd delivered. Instead, she rose up on her toes into the embrace.

"H-hey," Fulguralis objected, quietly at first, and then more strenuously. "Hey! That's my sister you beast!"

Fuubaar and Abigora giggled.


  1. Some times, all you need is a good punch in the face to break the ice...even the ice of a DK's heart. /srsnod

  2. Awwwww!

    I got such a sappy smile on my face from that. :)

  3. Awesome as always.

    You should collect all your stories one day, fill in some of the blanks and release it as a short story.

    It'd be great!

  4. I would love to, like e-book it or something, but I'm really not sure about the legality of such a thing. Like since it's Blizzard's IP and all. I'm not quite sure how it works.

    If anyone knows, I'm all ears... or eyes :-)