Monday, February 21, 2011

The Curious Ebb and Flow of PvP

Now, I consider myself a casual PvPer at best. I've written enough about it that long time readers are probably already familiar with the fact that I PvP on my DK. In Cataclysm, I'm finally at the point on my main toon (the 'lock) that I feel it's time to begin PvP gearing my DK. Basically, this means that I've done all the daily quests I care to to (earned exalted rep with everyone), and am ready to fill that time previously spent on questing with running random BGs.

I don't really do the whole arena thing, and we don't have enough PvPers in my guild to form a "rated" group. Thus, I simply queue up for randoms while mining or whatever, and gear up the hard way (grinding honor). It's fun for me, really, to start out feeling weak sauce and then slowly to get stronger and stronger. I feel like, by gearing this way, you learn some good strategies for survival early that only help you when you begin to out gear people. Generally speaking, I've found that running on average a BG a day will outpace the majority of the players in gearing, as well as how quickly tier patches come through. Thus, with each gear step by the devs, I'll start a bit behind the hardcore folks and then slowly catch up as they top out.

The one thing I've noticed is that the skill/difficulty in BGs varies widely depending on day and time. Like the ebbing tide, it seems that the skilled players flood the fields at certain times. In my experience, this usually means several things.

First, during the week, play is more consistent. You generally don't get as many preforms, and things seem more competitive. I tend to run about 50-50 for wins/losses (and I'm on the Alliance side, fwiw). People generally know what they're doing, though you'll always have the mid-fielders. There isn't as much shit talking.

Compare that with the weekends. Being Alliance, my W/L record plummets to probably 20-80 and I find myself awash in noobology. I mean, I zoned into WSG yesterday to see the strategy proposed: "Me and a healer will go for flag, everyone else fight in the middle." And they were serious! It was not pretty.

Now, the queues are a lot shorter on the weekends, so honor wise it might balance out. You also seem to have more pre-formed groups of guildies playing together. As a pretty much solo-random person, this can get a bit rough. I mean, any good PvP group has a healer, and I, obviously, do not. Pretty much any class vs any class with a healer will lose (unless you out gear them significantly). And shit talking is through the roof.

All this probably makes sense when you take into account that more casual folks will have the chance to play on weekends, including the immature and skilled. It's a simple fact of numbers. I suppose I just wondered what your experiences are? Do you see the same flow to the BGs? When do you think the "best" time to play is?

I enjoy the competition, so I'm a fan of during the week, early evenings. Sometimes things degenerate a bit later. I like it when people are actually trying to play smart, even if they're not the most skilled. I think there's more of that during the week. How about you?


  1. I PvP at time of day, week, year, etc.

    I do find during the week to be better, and usually the earlier the better. Once the weekend rolls around the atmosphere changes a bit and it's not quite as enjoyable. Sunday nights are probably the worst for me. I also see more afk and /follow bots on the weekends. I've made a special effort to find places in each BG that I can get a follower caught on terrain.

    I don't need to win every time, or even most of the time, but a complete lack of teamwork pisses me off. We can get completely destroyed for all I care, so long as people are working together and actually trying. I had a blast last night in a WSG where we lost 0-3, but the teamwork was so great and everyone was having so much fun, it was one of the most enjoyable BG's I've ever been in.

  2. /agreed

    I'll admit it though: sometimes I put someone on follow in AV because I just don't want to press the buttons. The difference is, when they try to stick me on something I avoid it because I'm actually there and watching :-).

    That and I'll, you know, fight with you if we get ambushed instead of just standing like an idiot.

  3. I PvP on my horde toons. This is a relic of the old battlegroup days when the group I was in, Vindication, was terribad for the alliance.

    Between 5pm and 9pm seem to be the worst for the horde seven days a week. Late night and during the days on the weekend seem to be the best. AV is always bad no matter what.

    IIRC, on Sunday I went 5-1 on my holy pally from around noon to 2pm (including a shocking AV win). Around 10pm I went 3-0 on my rogue.

    The only loss was an EotS where the alliance had 3 pallies, 2 shammies, and as best I could tell, the rest were hunters. The horde side just would not defend a thing which just makes for an epic fail.

    Best win for the pally was the rare horde AV win. I think the alliance tried to zerg and failed. They left very little in the way of defense behind and we waltzed across that choke point bridge and capped the north and south bunker. A small rear guard did a spectacular job at delaying the alliance getting their act together so we won.

    Best win for the rogue was an AB where I followed a holy pally around and defended him while he healed. If anyone came after him, and they did, I'd gank them. We almost had a 5 cap but lost a base with about 30 seconds to go.

  4. It's funny how your times seem to be the mirror of my Alliance times. Makes sense, since someone has to lose and someone has to win... but why?

  5. My pet theory is that younger horde kids play more during that 5pm to 9pm time frame. If they fought half as much as they QQ and smack talk then we'd win more. Instead it is a juvenile flame fest and we lose.
    When the bitching and moaning gets too bad I'll just go quest or watch TV till after their bed time.
    Really late night, like 2am, it is just shocking how bad the alliance is. I wonder why that is? My guess is a large number of afk'ers.

  6. Hmmm, just looked up my BG wins. For my level 70 holy pally (but I did a lot of BGs as Ret):

    WSG: 13W 6L
    AB: 15W 9L
    AV: 1W 1L
    EotS: 5W 3L
    SotA: 3W 0L

  7. Lot better than mine probably look :-).

  8. LOL, now that I've said something I log on around 9:30pm and go 0-4. We were doing a helluva job fighting on the roads. /facepalm

  9. What you didn't know is that every opposing PvPer on your battlegroup read this article (and only this one) and said, "We'll show him...." :-)