Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Reflections: Monday Edition

Don't have much today. Except that Tam and Chas are done blogging. What?! Yeppers, donezo. Read all about it here. And Tam, if you feel the urge to guest post somewhere, my email inbox is always open (and usually quite barren).

Drop a nice line over there will ya? Righteous Orbs has been a great little outlet in the community for a while now. Sad to see them go, but when you don't have time, you don't have time. Better to go out on a high note right?

In other news, I hit 85 on my DK. Dark Simulacrum is underwhelming so far. Just very hard to use I think. We'll see if I get used to it. I need to post the spec I'm running with. I think it represents the ultimate in slowing people down. Now I just need to start gearing so that I can survive. I'm so squishy right now. That, and I don't know what I'm doing in any of the new BGs. Thus, I'll probably be lurking over at Cynwise's blog for the next few weeks. For those interested, I'm still doing Frost DW DPS. I was top Killing Blows on several BGs, which amazed me because people seem to take so much longer to kill, and I'm sporting all crappy quest greens (terrible, terrible gear).

My 'lock is pretty much geared for raiding now. I don't really have anything left to buy with JP and I've hit exalted with everyone of note (except for Baradin's Wardens... that hit trinket is my lone remaining gear goal).

Patch seems to be on the horizon still (perhaps tomorrow?). I'll probably be updating my guides accordingly. Depends on what actually makes it live. Thus, more to come...

Finally, I've added a "mobile friendly" feature up on the top there. Blogger doesn't have (as far as I know) a nice plug in for mobile devices like Wordpress does. Thus, I found a clever suggestion where you basically link to your own feed, which allows google reader to render the "no BS" page for a mobile device. Gets rid of the fluff and makes it easier to navigate on a small screen. Hence, I added that option up top. You'll have to click on it/bookmark it to get that to load (won't auto-sense), but there you have it. I removed the "Comments RSS" option because the header only worked well with four items. If anyone uses/needs that, shoot me an email and I'll add it on the left someone. Tbh, I'm not all that sure that it's useful for the type of blog I'm running anyway. Removing it shouldn't muck with any current subscriptions or anything, but I'm just sayin' let me know if anyone comes across any issues with the changes to the guts. Otherwise, I'm sure I'm boring you now. Go pester Tam for one last time.


  1. Dark Simulacrum varies from "very useful" to "insanely useless"; it all depends on what you steal. It's fairly different in that you can steal anything that requires mana. Friend of mine (a DW Frost DPS DK like yourself) enjoyed dueling shamans for a while, getting Windfury via DS, then casting it on himself. I honestly have no idea if that still works; I haven't leveled my DK enough, and our raid is now devoid of shamans.

    You can use it to make the Commander Springvale fight in Heroic SFK somewhat easier, too. Use it on the Tormented Officer adds in the fight (or go get it from the Guardsmen in the trash packs after him before pulling) and cast Forsaken Skills on Springvale. Nothing makes the boss easier like randomly losing 40% of his max health or his armor. :)

    So like I said - situational. But when it works, it's reeeeeeally nice.

  2. lol that's pretty awesome.

    I'm primarily PvP'ing on my DK, and it seems to me like the encounters with other players are so quick, so heated, that you don't really get a chance to figure out when and how to use the DS. I usually try to hit it when it's off CD just to see what I get, but like you said it's a bit of a craps shoot.

    I can see where it could result in some crazy usefulness though.

  3. lol Dark simulcrum has it's uses.... especially on mages. Fact is that Dks are currently like the ultimate Mage counters now. If they blink away? Blink with them using Dark simulcrum. AMS frost nova, and when they want to ice block, silence them XD

    And yeah, Dark Simulcrum is very good in dungeons as well. I havn't had the opportunity to use it in Springvale fight, but I can tell you, churning out 50k chain lightning in Throne of tides on Lady Nazjar is the best feeling in the world XD

    On the PvP side of Dk though, yes unfortunately even with gear, Frost Dks are still rather squishy. You don't have a lot of defensive cds and you don't have a stun as well. As a result, there is no chance for you to recover. Glyph of dark succor could change that though with the new patch, allowing you to always absorb 20% of your health. Though this would mean the lost of Obilterates at least you can heal up. Chillblains might help as well, with the ability to root targets XD. I still find frost too squishy for PvP though

  4. Yeah, I'm liking it more as I learn to understand it. There's a pretty funny YouTube video of it in action as well.

    One bugish thing I found: if you use it macro'ed to a key (like I had mine macro'ed with FS with an [mod:all]), it'll cast but it won't allow you to use the spell you pick up. I kept getting a message: "Spell not learned" which was odd. I basically had to give it its own button.

    When I write up my PvP spec, I'm going to put this little tip in there. I think a lot of my initial frustration with the spell was due to this. I was like: "WTF this doesn't even work..." :-)