Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enchantment List Updated

With great gear comes great responsibility. That responsibility is in the form of gemming and enchanting your gear. Being an enchanter m'self, I've always tried to have the best 'chants on. I may not always grab the exorbitantly priced epic gems, but I will have the good enchants, by the Light. Or Shadow, in my case.

I've made an exact copy of this post as a static page on the left. That is the one I'll keep up to date as I get more information, but I'll point comments back to here.

Affliction Warlock Enchantment List (remember, spirit is useless)
DPS Death Knight Enchantment List (Nitro Boosts go on your belt now)
Paladin Tank

I was going to get Fuu to create a similar list, but she informed me that it's already been done better elsewhere. So I'll just pass along the link instead.
    Don't forget to grab an Ebonsteel Belt Buckle for your belt as well!

    Did I miss any?


    1. Why not Haste on the afflock boots?

    2. That should be on there. Missed it because it's an earlier enchant (as far as leveling goes). It's probably better than Mastery too.