Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Has Tol Barad Been Treating You?

The title says it all. I honestly want to know. They made some changes in that last patch, and I think we've all had some time now to experience what that means for the much maligned PvP zone. So on the topic of the changes: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Thumbs Up
The addition of different conditions for holding/losing bases seems to have evened the playing field a bit. I certainly feel like my efforts are a lot less futile, and there seems to be a pervasive sense of "we can do this!" People are talking strategy, trying to work together, and not just resorting to the old method of bitchfest.

The rewards currently seem commensurate with the activity. For a win, it is a nice chunk. For a loss, I avoid the feeling of having wasted time. This plops the whole experience squarely in the middle of "good fun."

Thumbs Down
I do have two thumbs, and I can't point them both up. Tol Barad, you're not getting the Roger Ebert measurement of success just yet. While the changes are definitely a step in the right direction, I can't help but feel that what's really happened is that things have just gotten a whole lot easier for the attackers. It seems that a defense has become a rarity.

Perhaps people just haven't figured out how to properly defend, but I certainly find it easier to attack. Still, I can't completely fault the zone, because there have been some rather epic battles where things really seem balanced. On the other hand, I've been party to some crazy <1 minute zergs.

I think my biggest complaint at this point is that it's still difficult to get a grasp of what you're actually doing. I understand the map, the basic mechanics, and a simple idea of what I should be trying to do, but I find it hard to draw a clear connection between when I feel like I'm executing well or poorly and what that means for our chances at victory. Sometimes it feels like we just faceroll our way to a victory, and others it feels like we've got a good amount of cohesion and are getting nowhere.

Look Ma, No Hands.
To a certain extent, I'm not sure the "thumbs down" portion can be fixed. After all, you can't really ever account for the vast varieties of situations that an MMO battle will throw at an encounter. And, like I said, the changes have achieved feelings of "worthwhile" and "good fun" where before there had just been "massively annoying and unfulfilling." I find I actually look forward to TB a bit, a la the good ol' Wintergrasp days. Still, I don't think they've quite hit the epic feel that WG had in it's heyday. So it could probably use some tweaking still (and I'm still waiting for my "kill 10 horde" killquest daily), but, in my opinion, we're getting there.


  1. While attacks have possibly become more successful than they have in the past, it's typically the same thing on our server.

    Zerg defence seems to trump everything.

    Or it could just be that Horde, in general, blows at PvP on my server. (I'm included in that awful-PvP'er category.)

  2. We saw a shift in momentum before the changes went live, so it's hard for me to say that the changes have had much effect. About a week before the patch, it started changing hands - not often, but enough that it didn't seem hopeless.

    Has the patch made it easier to change hands? Maybe? Doesn't really feel like it to me, but I've at least played both sides of the battle now. It doesn't feel like a waste of time anymore, which is good.

    But there are still times I see us failing to take a base, and I know that you still have to execute well to win this battle, it's still tilted towards the defenders. It's just a little easier now.