Thursday, February 17, 2011

Protection Paladin: 4.0.6

Hey Gang!

I wanted to touch on some of the changes that Paladins have seen since the Shattering (4.0.3 & 4.0.6). To be quite honest, Paladins haven't really seen any major changes. Shocking, I know!

Fuubaar is currently sporting all blues & epics 346+ ilevel at the moment and has only set foot into one Raid thus far (Concave of 4 Angry Elementals). She's feeling really good survivability & threat wise. Fully buffed, I'm flexing 160k+ health with little to no threat issues. Overall, I'm extremely happy with where Paladin tanks are right now.


I'm using the 0/33/8 spec that really has a nice mix of survivabilty and threat. It works really well for heroics and I can't see much of a change for Raiding either. I only left out two spells in the Prot tree. Hallowed Ground because I rarely if ever use Consecrate so why waste the talent points. I also didnt invest any talent points in Hammer of Justice because I only use it on occasion to stun annoying mobs.

I picked up Rule of Law, Crusade, and Improved Judgement in the Ret tree. I did not put any points in Pursuit of Justice because I didn't feel that anything was worth giving up points in to pick up minor running speed. If I were to have to give anything up for it though, it might be Grand Crusader. I, personally, really enjoy the procs for the extra Avenger's Shield option.


Prime Glyphs:
- Threat:
        * Hammer of the Righteous (AoE)
        * Seal of Truth ( Huge boost in Expertise)
        * Shield of the Righteous (Single Target)
- Survivability:
        * Seal of Insight (Replacement for SoT)
        * Word of Glory (Replacement for SotR)

Note: I use the three threat Glyphs because I don't really notice myself as having survivability issues. I'm close friends with my two healers... they would let me know if I felt squishy.

Major Glyphs:
- Recommended:
        * Focused Shield (Threat but remember to keep an eye on surrounding mobs as they wont be recieving any threat at all)
        * Holy Wrath ( Stun to mobs that we are seeing quite often in Cata)
- Optional:
        * Dazing Shield (This just gives you back your Daze from the good ol' days)
        * Lay on Hands (Shorten the Cooldown)
        * Divine Protection (40% magic reduction/ 0% Physical)

Note: I use the top three in that list. Personally, I enjoy the Dazing Shield effect. I've also tried not using the Focused Shield because it gives me more AoE threat. I just have to be more picky when I use my Avenger's shield.

Minor Glyphs:
Just pick three that you you the most.


One of the minor changes that Paladins have seen thus far into the Shattering is that during the 4.0.6 patch drop, Paladins got their very own basespell interupt that's off of the Global Cooldown!

And the peasents rejoice!

Rebuke has been a welcomed addition to my party. There are many many many interupt fights in cataclysm and my Hammer of Justice and Avenger's Shield just weren't cutting the Mustard. I didnt realize how much I would use this spell until they finally gave it to us. This also made me realize how much I love DPS who actually interupt! <3 My DPS Interupters!

The other, "stealth change" that we recieved was in regards to Holy Power still being aquired regardless of the outcome of a Crusader Strike or a Hammer of the Righteous be it a miss, dodge, parry or block.

There was a recent Blue Post on the offical Forums: mainly saying that this was intended and that we should not generate Holy Power if our attacks dont land. Needless to say, Paladins of all specs were up in arms about this. It really hit Prot the hardest though. Since ret is suppose to be hit capped anyways, they shouldnt be missing Crusader Strike. Thus, not really noticing a difference. The thing is, it is extremely difficult to be hit capped as prot without giving up a lot in return. Many tanks feared that this would not only screw up their rotations but hinder their threat generations greatly.

When I got home to test it out, I did notice the change in my rotation from the missed Holy Power. It was rather jarring at first but you got used to having your rotation be just a bit longer to get 3 Holy Power or to choose not to wait for all three and use the weaker ability anyways. After reading both the Offical Forums and my Maintankadin Forums, it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. The Sky was not falling....

I believe that the biggest issue that people had with this stealth nerf was that it was... stealthed... and you know how much we hate stealthed rogues. If Blizzard would have come out and said,

"Hey Pallies, just wanted to let you know that if your Crusader Strike misses, you wont get Holy Power from now on. Calm down folks, I know that we said that we wouldn't do this because it would make Prot Paladins feel RNG but we had to change something about you to piss you off! The Mages were getting upset. We had to give them something. Suck it up Paladins, we haven't nerfed Word Of Glory yet..."

I would have shut my mouth in an instant :-)

So yeah, nothing too terribly exciting.

Here's an LOLCAT because this post is boring.

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. Minor point, but the bounces on Avenger's Shield will not hit CC-ed mobs. The only time I've had an issue with it is if I don't give a freezing trap enough time to actually freeze the mob. I'm trying to hit them before they make a break for the hunter and jump the gun.

  2. Muiran,

    I always forget that Avenger's Shield is a smart spell and that it wont break CC. I guess I've always been to big of a wimp to test it out ;-)

    I think I've attempted to do it once & I broke something and was too scared to test it again. I just assumed that I was bad luck. I'm just too "good" at timing the pulls I guess.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants reminder...

    Dont be a wimp Fuu!